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  1. Manage My Cables

    Do You Need A Blu Ray Drive To Play New Games

    What the latest games DVD or Blu Ray?
  2. Manage My Cables

    How to back up game data?

    Hello I play a lot of older games that don't support cloud saving or have any game managers. I recently managed to pick up a nasty virus that stuck like glue and had to factory reset my old Toshiba A660 laptop. I was able to transfer the games onto a new drive. But wasn't sure how to transfer game data. Thank You
  3. Manage My Cables

    How to back up game data?

    Thanks ill have to check it out. Would you happen to have a handy dandy link?
  4. Manage My Cables

    How to back up game data?

    Thank You guys very helpful I was happy I could transfer my game files from my laptop to desktop.
  5. Manage My Cables

    Laptop stuck at 800mhz even at load

    cpu might be checking out?
  6. Manage My Cables

    Thermal Compound Application Methods Benchmark

    As long as you have a even coating across the heat spreader, you should have any problems. I personally use Thermal Grizzly and that comes with a screw on applicator.
  7. Manage My Cables

    Expensive Fan!!

    What price are they retailing around the world? This is from ple in Australia?