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  1. I have a 780 FTW card that I'm gonna wanna sell now that I have a 1080ti. I plan to sell on FB marketplace locally (been attempted ripped off with shipping once) and I'm wondering how much I should put as starting price, $150?
  2. Also very good options! Good call. I personally wanted fully modular though
  3. $59.99 power supply is on sale until Monday (9/25/17) for $39.99, after mail in rebate. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095
  4. are you sure? I'm just going by what's stated on the box (600W recommended) Awesome, I saw the 650W version on newegg for $70 after rebate card, but I'm not able to get out to microcenter, so I may buy this one since I can't wait :'( https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16817438026
  5. unfortunately can't wait, I want to order today with 2 day shipping since I already have my graphics card looking at me waiting to be installed, and I also don't want non-modular, thank you for the recommendations though!
  6. Honestly I wanted more that 600w, preferably 650, not sure if I wanna risk it with 550
  7. I have a 1080ti, 4670k based build in the meantime until I get DDR4 in a half a year or so. In the meantime, I need a new power supply since I lost all of the 8 pins from the one I have now. I've been meaning to upgrade anyway, so what are some of my options? Must be semi/fully modular, although I'd prefer fully. My budget is under $70 and as cheap as possible, but this card was expensive so I don't wanna buy crap. Thanks for any recommendations.
  8. Looks matter a tiny bit to me, but right now I'm all for performance. Right now I have a 4670K and in a year I plan to upgrade to the new cpus (whatever is out at that time) and ram mobo etc. but I plan to keep this card to future proof myself a bit. Yeah i need it, I have a 4K display I'm trying to push and I'm being limited pretty exclusively to my GPU. Yeah I figured my cpu will bottle neck my rig a little bit, but thesse are just stepping stones to next years where I can upgrade the rest of my rig. And i'm not gonna wait to do it all at once. I can't stand being limited by 780 and vram and etc. etc. Hm, I'd have to research but would you happen to have any links to the ones you've read so I can take a look in case I cant find any?
  9. Haha of course but im also on a budget getting ready to head back to school for another 2 semesters. Do you think its a steal at this price for the non-xtreme?
  10. So there's a massdrop right now for a 1080ti Aorus edition for $660. I want this card but want the best performance and was looking at the xtreme edition. The only difference is that the xtreme editions are binned from gigabyte right? Should I hop on this deal?
  11. TEMPORARY FIX: I started running in fullscreen windowed (borderless) and it works pretty good. Does anyone know why this happens?
  12. Display port 1.2 sorry should've mentioned that
  13. So i've been playing PUBG with my 780ti on 1440p on my 4k monitor and today I decided I want to try 4k just to see what its like, even with bad fps. My problem comes when I switch to 4k in the options at the main menu. As soon as it switches, it looks like my mouse is moving at 30hz, even though my fps counter is reading 60+. Now I haven't tested this in game yet, but i figure since it doesn't even work at the main menu it wouldn't work in the game. Any help?
  14. samsung u28e590d for $279, so worth