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  1. Kered124

    SD cards

    I personally prefer the samsung cards, as I have never had one die. Amazon is a safe bet for buying samsung cards at a decent price.
  2. Kered124

    Ssd 100% usage

    Windows updates are likely happening in the background. Open windows update and see if it is running.
  3. Kered124

    Computer Upgrade Recommendations

    Here is someone on Reddit who did the same thing: EDIT: You will also need this adapter to power that motherboard with a standard power supply: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-ATX-Power-Supply-Cable-24pin-To-8pin-For-DELL-Optiplex-3020-7020-9020-T1700/132670521652?epid=22014540599&hash=item1ee3c78134:g:x4sAAOSwRyRbHQDI:sc:USPSFirstClass!53818!US!-1:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  4. Kered124

    Computer Upgrade Recommendations

    Buy something such as this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-Optiplex-3020-4th-GEN-CORE-i5-Desktop-Computer-TOWER-3-3GHZ-8GB-320GB-Win-7/233088956967?hash=item36452f3a27:g:YOMAAOSwYUZcLfDq:rk:7:pf:0 Throw in your GPU and possibly power supply. Game.
  5. Kered124

    Laptop RAM

    No, it will not run in dual channel mode, and I don't think the motherboard will accept a 16GB DIMM honestly.
  6. Kered124

    Pls help me, Pc restart problems

    Other things to look at: When in game- alt-tab out and open task manager. If you are in windows 10, it will let you see GPU utilization, if the card isn't working hard while you experience problems, Id suspect cooling or a driver issue. CPU temps- is your heatsink actually sitting flat on the CPU and has enough paste? Does your PC have a problem in specific games, or is it system wide?
  7. Kered124

    3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling issues

    Thanks for the reply- I haven't been able to test printing without auto-leveling, as I am not sure how to disable auto-leveling/ reset the values to default (or trick it into thinking the values are all flat.) I have manually leveled the bed, and can see that it is very level, so I would like to just tell the printer that the bed is flat and see how it prints with no compensation. The printer does run on marlin, and yes it is the original version it shipped with. I have seen some guides on upgrading to a newer version of the firmware developed by the community, which I am considering doing.
  8. Kered124

    3D printer under 200$

    I can highly recommend the Ender 3 or the Tevo Tarantula ( if you don't mind printing some improvement parts to sturdy up the frame just a little bit. Personally I am a sucker for kits, so I really like the tarantula, but the ender 3 is more polished and safe.
  9. Hello, So I have been playing with a printer I bought a couple of years ago and have never gotten to run properly. The printer is a Tevo Black Widow, with the BL touch auto bed leveling option. The printer has always had awful prints, with a bubbly/ rough texture that I have never seen before. I switched all of my slicing from slic3r to simplify 3D and the awful texture went away (even though I made all of my settings the exact same as what I had been running in slic3r?!) Anyway, now that the printer is running decently, I'd like to use it for some actual printing as its large build volume will be very handy in the near future. The only thing I am still having problems with is the auto bed leveling. I have used the auto leveling feature through the LCD, and I think this is what is messing up my first layer. The print will be printing a perfect first layer, then move the Z axis down and print way too close to the bed, then move back up for other parts of the first layer. I am wondering if there is an easy way for me to wipe all bed leveling data and tell the printer that the plate is "perfectly flat" to see if this will get rid of the issue before attempting to use the sensor anymore. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. Kered124

    PfSense as a Cache

    We currently have a local network share we use, but we are trying to move away from it, as permissions aren't as streamlined, and there also needs to be access from other locations. I am honestly out of ideas; I had really been hoping a squid cache would help the situation. Any other ideas?
  11. Kered124


    You are going to need some pretty heavy duty equipment to run that kind of a setup, if you take a look at systems rated for that kind of load, they aren't cheap. This article is a good read: https://www.vueville.com/blog/how-we-built-our-diy-home-security-camera-system/ You will likely want a server with quite a few hard drive bays if you want to keep footage for any amount of time. That 1080P video will eat through space extremely quickly at high bitrates/ framerates. Have you thought about software yet? An appliance may be a better choice.
  12. Kered124


    Resolution of cameras?
  13. Kered124

    Scratch-built eGPU enclosure

    Seems like a cool project. Any plans to build a case around the GPU or other changes?
  14. Kered124


    It depends on how many cameras you want attached to it and at what resolution and recording quality. Other factors are required uptime, cost, and space/power requirements.
  15. Kered124

    List of best card manufacturers

    Yes- but there is also another piece to that- the customer service. All companies will have issues with bad cards for one reason or another, but how they handle the issues can vary a lot. I think if they made a poll, the question should be posed more like " Which tech companies do you like to work with the most?"