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  1. Kered124

    PfSense as a Cache

    We currently have a local network share we use, but we are trying to move away from it, as permissions aren't as streamlined, and there also needs to be access from other locations. I am honestly out of ideas; I had really been hoping a squid cache would help the situation. Any other ideas?
  2. Kered124


    You are going to need some pretty heavy duty equipment to run that kind of a setup, if you take a look at systems rated for that kind of load, they aren't cheap. This article is a good read: https://www.vueville.com/blog/how-we-built-our-diy-home-security-camera-system/ You will likely want a server with quite a few hard drive bays if you want to keep footage for any amount of time. That 1080P video will eat through space extremely quickly at high bitrates/ framerates. Have you thought about software yet? An appliance may be a better choice.
  3. Kered124


    Resolution of cameras?
  4. Kered124

    Scratch-built eGPU enclosure

    Seems like a cool project. Any plans to build a case around the GPU or other changes?
  5. Kered124


    It depends on how many cameras you want attached to it and at what resolution and recording quality. Other factors are required uptime, cost, and space/power requirements.
  6. Kered124

    List of best card manufacturers

    Yes- but there is also another piece to that- the customer service. All companies will have issues with bad cards for one reason or another, but how they handle the issues can vary a lot. I think if they made a poll, the question should be posed more like " Which tech companies do you like to work with the most?"
  7. Kered124

    Laptop HDD and new SSD

    Sorry- just want to make sure I am understanding correctly- what I am hearing is that your laptop supports two sata devices, and currently has one empty slot. Can you confirm this/ restate your question with more information?
  8. Kered124

    What OS to use for VMs?

    Proxmox is a pretty solid option.
  9. Kered124

    PfSense as a Cache

    Hello, I have a situation where the bandwidth available is not enough to sustain the users on the network- and a faster connection is not currently available. There are a dozen or so computers that all have OneDrive and SharePoint installed locally, and fairly large files are constantly added and removed from these applications. This leaves us with an internet connection that is constantly maxed from all of the computers trying to sync new files. I thought I remembered reading something about using squid in Pfsense to cache files for situations like this, along with Windows updates? If I am wrong, please correct me. I did a little bit of reading about squid, but am not really sure where to start after installing the plugin in PFsense. TLDR; I want to use squid on our existing Pfsense router to cache files between 1MB and 300MB, along with Windows updates, if possible. Thanks in advance for the input!
  10. Kered124

    "URGENT request" Router Defense.

    Pfsense build- I completely support this option.
  11. Provide a budget, required network speed, distance from the furthest computer to a networking closet, distance between networking closets, if applicable, and your office bandwidth. I'll do the best I can- although I am definitely not an expert.
  12. Kered124

    List of best card manufacturers

    .... So you should make a community poll about it to see how accurate their tiering system is=P
  13. Kered124

    List of best card manufacturers

    I agree with what DVA said; there is no great way to order brand according to reliability or quality, because it varies from product to product. For example, EVGA cards are in the lowest tier of that chart, but I have had only great experiences with EVGA cards.
  14. Kered124

    A min spec pc

    Try this: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/hVKntg
  15. Kered124

    Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Yes, the Freenas server itself has an IP of, the jail got an IP of I am very temped to abandon the beta for now, as my last experience using freenas to play around a few months ago was much more pleasant Any suggestions/ opinions?.