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  1. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Thank you, I will give this a try tonight! I have also noticed some audio sync issues with Plex, that are fixed by pausing the media and unpausing. Have you seen this/ heard how to fix it?
  2. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    How can I validate this? I was using a bog standard fresh install of plex server for testing.
  3. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Thank you for this, it was actually an awesome read, very informative.
  4. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    The testing was done on a windows machine with an i7 4770, 16gb ram, and the file was stored on an SSD. I also noticed the same problem on our older roku 2, but assumed the issue stemmed from being old.
  5. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Any brand new HDD can arrive with bad sectors on them. It's nothing to do with Seagate themselves or how reliable the drives are. That can happen on any drive from any manufacturer. With that in mind? WDC makes great drives too, so maybe check one of them out. I absolutely understand that it can happen with any manufacturer, and I don't hold this against seagate. I am more-so wondering if it is from shipping, as I noticed the packaging wasn't the best. I have a few of their NAS drives and love them, they have been extremely reliable and perform well for my use case. I thought about trying some of the wdc blue drives or green drives, but I simply bought the cheapest drives available for the size with the full intent of just replacing them as they die. Have you experienced any performance issues with plex? When doing some testing, I noticed that streaming to another computer with the plex player, everything is fine, but when streaming to the roku ultra, there is buffering every 30 seconds or so on a wired connection and 1080p content.
  6. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Alright, ill contact amazon for a return. The past 2 seagate drives I ordered from them have gad bad blocks from day 1, I don't understand the problem. I have never had great luck with seagate drives as far as lifespan is concerned, but I'm surprised to see any brand new drives with bad blocks.
  7. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Alright, small update. I purchased 2 brand new (really cheap) hard drives, seagate barracudas. One of them threw 4 read errors in the badblocks run... Should I be concerned?
  8. Buying used RAM

    If you are concerned, and know the seller, you could ask them to run memtest86 to show that the RAM is performing as it should.
  9. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    Alright, I have a disk that is used that performed poorly on the a badblocks run- producing 16 read errors. Is the disk unusable at this point? No other errors were produced. I now understand that there is no direct benefit to the ZFS file-system from using ECC RAM. I am currently looking at a dell poweredge r510 for an upgrade, as it seems to be a more quiet system. Since I already own the Plex app for android, and a roku as well as a few other devices that use plex, I would sort of like to keep using it unless there are other solutions that tie in nicely with the ruku and mobile devices. Thanks for all of the input so far!
  10. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    So there is no direct benefit for running ECC RAM in conjunction with FreeNas other than just letting the ECC RAM do its normal thing? I thought I had heard that FreeNas was capable of leveraging the ECC RAM in some way to be more effective with ZFS. I must have misheard/misread. Out of the servers mentioned, which do you like best? I have had good luck with my dell servers, but I have never been overly happy with the level of noise they produce compared to more modern servers. I am looking for something much quieter.
  11. Questions About Server Hardware and ZFS

    I had been heavily looking at proxmox, but I really like all of the plugins that come with FreeNas, like Plex. I don't need a ton of features for my virtual machines, just the ability to run some basic tasks and play around a little. I do have an enterasys g3g170-24 switch that is capible of 10gb networking with a module.. Tempting. I was also looking at using an older ssd I have laying around as a cache, is this easily do-able with FreeNas?
  12. NVME or V-NAND SSD

    The samsung drive you posted is a SATA interface drive, and will top out around 550MB/S whereas the NVME drive from western digital you posted will run much faster. I highly recommend getting a NVME drive from samsung such as their 970 pro.
  13. Which SSD should I buy?

    Upon looking up your motherboard, it does appear to support NVME drives, but their list of supported drives isn't very long. As far as I know, most NVME drives should work, but an email to Asrock might not be a bad idea before purchasing. Also if you are going to do a fresh install of windows anyway, a BIOS update is probably a good idea to expand support/ reliability of an NVME SSD.
  14. Which SSD should I buy?

    I would jump on the new Samsung 970 Pro, they are awesome drives. Your mobo most likely supports NVME, but I'd check the user manual to be sure.