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  1. I suppose it could be. I was two versions behind when the issue began, and upgraded through both. But it did start randomly without any changes. No firmware update or devices added. Had been working fine prior to that. After they fixed the 5GHz problem, anyway.
  2. 1.2.2-7915 is current, and just double checked downloads page again to be sure.
  3. @Donut417 my father is on it as well with similar clients to me and he's having no issue as well. Another user without issue pushes me further to thinking it's an issue with my unit. I'm currently on 1.2.2-7915 but I was two versions back when the problem began, so I was thinking that wasn't it. Thanks!
  4. Forgot I posted this thread. I gave up and just went back to my Windows machine. I can confirm in my use case the One 2 Mini was also unable to be used during boot. The Pocket was fine. Exact same behavior on multiple generations of MBP. This wasn't the issue in my case as I attempted to use each of the individual Thunderbolt ports on the MBP I was using. Apple support "submitted a ticket to engineering" but that was a while ago now. I'm certain they did no such thing. Googling around seems to indicate this sort of thing has happened for a while.
  5. Hey all, I'm running a Synology RT2600ac router that has recently begun dropping WiFi data on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands to all devices. The SSID never disappears, just data stops flowing. This includes to our doorbell, smart speakers, phones, laptops, the works. Synology support has had me toggling settings and whatnot which is understandable, but the fact is that other than a blip when one of the firmware updates broke 5Ghz for a bit things have been working well. Anyway the other day I disabled the radios on the device and hooked up my old N600 as an access point. Other than slow speeds the mass disconnection issue was gone. The Nest Hello had a brief period but that's likely due to positioning or something unrelated. but otherwise things were great. If that change seemed to alleviate the issue, and the SSIDs never drop despite loss of data connection should I assume there's an issue with the radios on the Synology device? And just to get ahead of the "check your internet" crowd - WiFi only. Wired devices have never dropped.
  6. Hey All, I'm just about to toss my 2600 out which is a shame because it's excellent when it works. Anyway, the issue I'm running into is the WiFi will drop data connection every hour or two for a few minutes, but will remain connected to the network. This is across multiple devices from multiple vendors (laptop, cameras, smart speakers, smoke/CO detectors, the works ) on both 5GHz and 2.4Ghz. The actual service is not the issue as wired connections suffer no such issue. Additionally, signal strength isn't an issue as this happens throughout the house, including in the same room as the router itself. A few months back I suffered from the 5Ghz problem that wast later fixed with a software update. This current one has randomly started on its own within the last few days after having worked without issue since that last update. The device has been power cycled multiple times, and the software has been updated twice to no avail (once through the interface and once manually after downloading the most current update). Networking isn't my strong suit so I've exhausted basically everything I can think of. If anyone might have some insights I would be forever appreciative.
  7. I've been out of the game for a bit. Do we think these leaks are credible enough to hold off on starting my 9900K build?
  8. From the items you mentioned it kind of sounded like your interest was in gaming. I can't comment on that. I'd like to take a second to reiterate what some folks have said about web based languages. At least in my area it seems like there are always jobs open for "full stack" type folks usually with some kind of JS library experience. Angular seems to still be pretty big-ish in my area, as an example, but that might just be my perception since I use that and those posts stick out. So I guess if I had to make a suggestion that specifically wasn't game related I'd say a something like C# or Java, HTML/CSS, and pick a JS library that's big in the area you want to work. Ignore me completely if that's not the case. My 1.5 cents. Upon further review, just ignore my post and read this quote^
  9. I've found that I don't miss horizontal space as much as vertical these days. YMMV.
  10. Kind of my thought. And it works fine 99% of the time (using it now). It's just the weird issue where it'll occasionally partially disconnect, display a single row of lights, and need to be plugged back in. I'll reinstall parallels and see if the firmware needs to be updated on the board while I await another response from MK. Thanks for making me feel a bit less crazy
  11. Interesting. I had not heard that. I'll follow up with MK then. Thanks! EDIT - Heard back from mechanicalkeyboards.com and they're informing me that the keyboard is "not designed" to work through the dock (powered OWC 12 port TB3 dock). Does that sound correct? I'm certainly not up to date on any of this.
  12. Hey Guys, I've recently hooked up my Ducky One 2 Mini to my system and I'm having a bit of an issue. I use a Macbook pro via an OWC thunderbolt 3 dock. At random times the keyboard will go unresponsive and only a single row of keys will be lit (I just have it on the default left to right wave pattern at the moment normally). Unplugging the cable and re-inserting it resolves the problem for a time. I have attempted to use multiple cables and the issue persists. Additionally I have a Ducky Pocket also connected which does not suffer from the same issue (and I've swapped the port that they are plugged into as well). If anyone has some additional suggestions on things to try I'd be very grateful! UPDATE September 5 I emailed Ducky support, and they say they are working on a firmware update for the keyboard to address this problem, but they do not have an estimated date yet.
  13. I went the NAS route as well for time machine backups and random other stuff. I can't bring it with me to work so it's slightly less ideal than a thunderbolt drive, but gets the job done I suppose as it's predominantly media that I wouldn't need. Synology DS416.
  14. Auto-hide would be the only real option other than moving to the side of screen as mentioned above. Actually I do recommend at least giving this a try. I was pretty resistant for a while coming from Windows, but it has certainly grown on me.
  15. Hey all, I searched around the board and Google machine and haven't come up with anything satisfactory quite yet. I'm looking to replace some keys on my Ducky One with Mac style Option/Command keys. I have a set from Max Keyboard I'm using which are just fine, however they're ABS and I'd really prefer to match the double shot PBT caps that the Ducky already has. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thanks for taking the time!