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    jslowik reacted to sidx64 in Issue with Ducky One 2 Mini (MacOS)   
    You do not need to do any of these workarounds anymore. The latest drivers already enable support for MacOS. However, to upgrade to the new firmware, you will need to use a windows device. 
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    jslowik reacted to Franck in Laptop Recommendations for programmers   
    To me 17" is a must for more code on the screen. 1080p 60hz is more than enough. @Eigenvektor talk about beefy GPU for ML but this depend. I work with 3 different ML solutions and none of them use GPU they all use CPU. Compiling for C++ and C# both scale more with IPC and Clock Cycle than core count. Not all part of compiling use multiple core. Right now Ryzen 3XXX are winning this category. Anyhow paying double the price to shave off 3-4 seconds of compiling for small projects is not worth it.If you are dealing with large codebase (would say 5 gb +) this become apparent at the end of the day. You shave more like 30-40 seconds of compile time that quickly add up to 1 or 2 hours a week.
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    jslowik reacted to Eigenvektor in How often do you use function keys?   
    I know I do. Cmd/Ctrl/Alt/Shift+F6 (in various combinations) to rename stuff in IntelliJ, Alt+F7 to follow references, F7,F8,F9 while debugging, Alt+F4 to close stuff. F2 to rename e.g. in VS Code, F8,F10,F11 to debug in Chrome/Firefox. Back when I was using Eclipse Ctrl+F1.
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    jslowik reacted to straight_stewie in Python or Java?   
    Really, an autodidacting beginner only cares about two things: The availability of well put together and highly structured information to help them learn, and the ability to take on the kind of projects that they are interested in.

    Given these two considerations, I would propose that a beginner should choose Java. After only a few months of active practice, a new Java developer should be able to start picking up Kotlin with little to no trouble.

    Python isn't really a good beginner option for Android.
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    jslowik got a reaction from wanderingfool2 in Need help with Java Homework   
    You definitely have a logic error in your am/pm calculation, but I don't think this ternary is the answer. Feel free to check me on that.
    Couple of things that seem maybe off at a glance: The am/pm calculation as mentioned, your calculation for minutes might allow you to go to x:60 which I guess teeeeechnically isn't wrong(?) but probably not what you were looking for, and you'll want to pad out minutes < 10 otherwise you could end up with x:1 instead of x:01.
    In any case I always found it helpful to walk through. Take us through a run of your code line by line. What does it do? What did you expect it to do? Set breakpoints if that helps. Hopefully in the process the problem will become clear, and if not we might be able to see more easily.
    EDIT - Basically everything @wanderingfool2 said.
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    jslowik reacted to wanderingfool2 in Need help with Java Homework   
    @Bacon soup Yes there can be a lot cleaner/more optimized ways to implement this, but given that he is learning having things like loops could be beneficial in learning; and you didn't really mention why his was failing.  (Actually as a note, the arithmetic way of doing it would maybe look at bit more menacing if you don't take into consideration all the cases.  An example being your amPm bit...if the getHour is 25 it would set it to PM even though it should be AM.  Actually fundamentally, I think CreepyPro did an okay job in an initial thought outness.  (To your comment about adding the hours, it is more about accounting for the rollover of the hour, so he didn't double adding)
    @CreepyPro So in your case it is important to think about boundary conditions.
    Consider the minute>60 line.  minute = 60 will be an issue (You time may be 1:60AM )  Other than that, it looks maybe fine.
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    jslowik reacted to mariushm in Can a webpage have multiple databases?   
    Yes, of course there are cases where you may have multiple databases each with multiple tables.
    can be for various reasons... ex each database on separate server or clusters of servers , or one database containing stuff that's common to multiple websites like product details, pictures, specifications,, separate websites each with their own user database and all that.
    You may have a postrgress sql / mysql database for some specific data, you may have a memory database to cache stuff (memcached / other databases), you may have a noSQL database ex Apache cassandra, mongoDB etc etc for various needs (temporary databases, caching, static content etc
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    jslowik reacted to wasab in Webpages - Checking user input   
    Font end check is usually for user convenience. Not checking in the backend however can be very nasty. Someone can deliberately insert bad data and cause system havoc's. 
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    jslowik reacted to LAR_Systems in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    I feel you, I got a few cards running, but it's the 1080ti hybrid that's making the racket.   It's a toss up if the coil wine or pump noise is worse.
    Lesson learned, 3 slot, 3 fan air cooled GPUs for me from here on out.
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    jslowik reacted to DevBlox in C# Polymorphism explained simply?   
    You need to take a little step back. You can't easily understand polymorphism until you understand the importance of having a certain interface (a sort of "point of contact"). You want the same logic to be able to operate on as much types of data as you can, for it to be extendable. Because you want to have that code work and serve a long time. So you don't want to change it if you don't really have to.
    With some C# terms: Base classes (or interfaces) provide "contact points" for interacting with classes that extend/implement them via the methods that are overriden/implemented. Polymorphism allows classes to extend/implement base properties of multiple classes/interfaces as needed, though which the class may be interacted with and used as. Such as having Male and Female classes that Extend a Human class. They can both be used as the Human class. Male and Female may also implement an interface IRun (that describes a method Run), or whatever (Male and Female could then be used as IRun somewhere where logic is implemented with IRun in mind). Think multiple types of "point of contact" on the same class.
    So you can have logic that makes the IRun "Run", and you want a Human to be able to run, or a Male and/or Female separately. If any of them implement IRun, they can then be given to that logic as IRun, to be interacted with as IRun, even though they may have completely different implementations of doing so. Same stands for the Human class. Male and Female can be interacted with as Humans in a logic that is written for Humans. That's the basics which you need to understand, there's still more to C#, generics namely, that require this to be properly understood. This is about as simple of an explanation on this as I can manage without writing an article, of which there already are many, so do what you will with this .
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    jslowik reacted to JoeDaCabbie in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    According to the Extremeoverclocking site, if I'm reading it correctly, less than 1,000,000 people have ever signed up to fold, and most of them aren't doing it anymore it seems. Think of how many machines there are in the world that are just sitting idle, whether through being ignorant of distributed computing or just apathy. Yet, here you are throwing your gear, even if it isn't super top notch, into the fray. You are making a difference, my friend, in a big way; you and all of the others who can't rack up 1M ppd can still gang up and make a big difference with the Fold of 1,000 Cuts. Everyone who has done something is a winner, in my book.
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    jslowik reacted to Halofication in LTT Official Folding Month 2019!!!   
    Stuck at download after every WU.....
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    jslowik reacted to Donut417 in Random WiFi Data Loss Issue   
    I have the same router and no issues. So its a possibility its a radio issue. Im currently running SRM version 1.2-7779 Update 1. 
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    jslowik reacted to Turtle Rig in Huge Leaks Reveal AMD's Ryzen 3000 Series: Up To 16 Cores And 5.1GHz Frequencies December Leak   
    I personally can not guarantee the leaked information from December.  I wouldn't put my life on the line that's for sure.  However the 16 core 32threads might cost 500 dollars about the same as a 8 core 9900k.  Now which one would you rather have ?  That is a big might. nothing is for sure until another month or two.
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    jslowik reacted to Franck in Job Market for Coders   
    Depend on what is around you but as other mentioned gaming is an extremely small nice market so very little jobs available. General business is where most openings are. If i look around i would say most of all are web development. The majority are ASP.NET + Javascript or PHP + Javascript positions. Then for standalone apps there is C#/VB.NET and Java that as predominant. And finally a couple of C++ / Pascal positions.
    As i specified it depends where you are. If you are located in the middle of silicon valley chances you will be mostly finding more open positions in C, C++, Python than if you are in the middle of Boston. Look at what the market is around you and see if something interest you. If you are still not sure check the tech companies around. Those like me that offer coding services where you work as in-house programming department for them but as a contractor. We are the people that usual deal with the most different kind of projects at the time so we have a better understanding of the local trend and market. I am sure you can reach such company and have a nice talk with some manager there that can probably inform you about that.
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    jslowik reacted to Chapeau in Why people use MacOS?   
    I was shopping around for a new laptop, but my new job issued me a 15 inch 2018 Macbook Pro, with i7 and 16 Go of RAM.
    I love it.
    I'm a programmer and since it's a work computer, most of what I do is work on it and I love my Mac and Mac OS for that. It's super smooth, I find it very intuitive and multitasking is super easy. It runs all the programs I need, has some extra because a lot of programmers seem to prefer Mac OS too and runs the tools I need it to run, some Windows can't run cleanly.
    Though I adore Linux, I describe Mac OS as "the best linux" since it strikes a great balance between the user-friendliness and ubiquity of Windows and the raw power of Linux. Sure it's locked down and silly sometimes, but a poweruser will open a command prompt and do whatever he wants. Then, when work is off, it's a good machine for regular tasks like writing and media consumption and though, no, it's no competitive machine, I can do a bit of gaming just fine. (I have a dedicated gaming rig running Windows for serious gaming anyway.) Half my 500 ish item Steam library runs on Mac, so I can play Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program and strategy games just fine. I even ran Hitman on it at medium graphics just fine.
    I like the format, I like the battery life, I like the decision of putting USB-C as the only connector, I like the accessories (I have my laptop and accessories in a Bookbook case and its gorgeous.) I'm also in the category of people who happen to like the new butterfly keys.
    Mac OS is a very good UNIX OS which pleases me as a developer and as a user who just wants things to work from time-to-time and who does a bit of light gaming in his pauses and on the go, then goes home to his big gaming machine for serious gaming. I much prefer developing on MacOS and Linux than I do Windows. I'd ditch Windows if it was not for gaming.
    Though I have it easy. I didn't pay for it, my company did. That's a 5000$ CAD bill I didn't have to pay. I was personally ready to pay that price, but I do agree that macbooks are at least 500$ overpriced.You do get an excellent machine, but there is a definitive "apple tax". For work reasons, I also hate how Mac OS cannot be virtualized, but that is a story for another time.
    tl;dr My work issued macbook pro does everything I need it to comfortably and that's why I love it
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    jslowik reacted to geo3 in Issue with Ducky One 2 Mini (MacOS)   
    I've heard they were having some QC issues with the USB port on that particular model.
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    jslowik got a reaction from mrchow19910319 in People who use macOS as their primary OS, what kind of external hard drive do you use?   
    I went the NAS route as well for time machine backups and random other stuff. I can't bring it with me to work so it's slightly less ideal than a thunderbolt drive, but gets the job done I suppose as it's predominantly media that I wouldn't need.
    Synology DS416.
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    jslowik reacted to fringie in C++ or C or C# or Object-C or Assembly C   
    I don't think you really understand that it really depends on what you're trying to do. When you get a job it is very possible you'll start with the language you've chosen but you might get switched over to a different framework that uses a different language and you need to be able to evolve with the technologies you support/develop. You program to develop products that meet business requirements & C# won't always meet those needs so you're shooting yourself in the foot if get hung up on a language itself.
    My spin on answering your question is become a web application developer. It's good money, enjoyable, good experience, good variety of things to do, lots of jobs & will generally expose you to a lot of different languages and frameworks. There's lot of great frameworks out there for web app devs to list a few.. React.js, Angular, ASP.NET MVC/ASP.NET MVC Core, SharePoint Framework & much more.
    Side note: C# is amazing, the Microsoft suite is pretty sweet.
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    jslowik reacted to myselfolli in Website not working in Internet Explorer   
    IE is just a bitch when it comes to web development...
    3 seconds of googling suggest using document.location instead of window.location
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    jslowik reacted to Castdeath97 in C++ or C or C# or Object-C or Assembly C   
    Me too, getting too popular in the industry and some applications like Unity.
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    jslowik reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Web development vs IOS ?   
    I can't believe this with a straight face. While iOS development might have a higher median salary, it's also limiting in that if you don't have very many skillsets, you're isolating yourself to the iOS environment. If you're trying to make a career out of this, I'd argue web development has much more potential.
    The other hiccup is you need an Apple computer to do iOS work, so if you want to do anything on the side as a hobby with iOS, you need a Mac. I guess on the flipside, you could do web development easily on a Mac too.
    Either way, I would stick with web development. There's a much wider market for it.
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    jslowik got a reaction from AbeTrve in Looking for a NAS - Archival, Time Machine, 4K HDR playback   
    I run a Synology DS416 that ticks off every box you mention. The one thing I'm not 100% sure on is the 4k HDR content. I know for plex I have to encode my content (only 1080 stuff fwiw) in a format my Apple TV will play natively because the processor can't keep up with transcoding content during playback. If there's a similar method for 4k content then you'll probably be fine.
    It's pretty small, very quiet, and packed with options. I'd definitely purchase it again if I had to do it all over. Maybe 4 bays is overkill, but sometimes I don't think about that.
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    jslowik got a reaction from Nuluvius in IDE for Python??   
    Wanted to add another +1 for PyCharm. Love the entire JetBrains suite.
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    jslowik reacted to noahdvs in WTF is up with School These Days   
    The major web browsers no longer support Java applets (good riddance to NPAPI and ActiveX plugins). Like others have said, you really should be keeping with the times, especially for things related to your field of work. Unless you're using an older web browser version, you shouldn't even be able to use Java applets now.