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  1. Ideally when you connect it for the first time, some operating systems take more time to detect and install the display driver. What OS are you using? Try using a DVI or VGA output from the card and let us know.
  2. Bigger scenes, better resolution textures, games like GTA 5, Witcher 3, Watch Dogs 2, these are just to name a few, would take a lot of advantage of extra VRAM.
  3. No, it won't bottleneck your card.
  4. Getting a 960 or 970 doesn't make any sense now. Go for GTX 1060 or RX 480 instead.
  5. 1080 is a very good card, and all the board partners have done a great job in their own custom PCBs. After that, which one to buy, is totally based on brand preference. Personally some people will go for gigabyte, some for Asus, some for Evga, or MSI for that matter. Don't worry, you can't possibly go wrong.
  6. Hello there, I have a small work and game setup, for which I bought a new 20" display for, recently. I have a 22" display, which is primary. Scenario- Primary display - Dell 22" Full HD (Ports - HDMI and VGA) Secondary display - LG 20" 1600 X 900 (Ports - HDMI and VGA) My rig - As you can see in my signature. Problem - When I start my computer, the primary display starts as usual. Secondary display, meh! (Please check the connection)! I have used multiple displays before, same rig. DIsplay cables checked already, drivers updated, cables checked on different displays, both working. Please help me start this secondary display, am I overlooking something?
  7. You are going for a G-Sync Monitor, you have to go for Nvidia. R9 380 or 390 are not going to help.
  8. Hello, See, you are anyways investing Rs.16000/- in GTX 950. i would suggest you to stretch a little more, and go for a GTX 960 4GB version, which is around Rs.17500/-, and makes more sense because its faster and better than GTX 760, in all cases.
  9. Between these two, 950, definitely. Newer architecture, lesser power requirement (no power connector needed, draws power through your PCI-e) Nvidia CUDA works great with video editing and encoding, especially with Adobe Premiere!
  10. Just wanted to get the idea of the number of people playing Quantum Break on the release day itself. Also let us know if you liked the game. Cheers, gotta go. Have to kill some bad guys!!
  11. Yes, 750 watt is enough, and will serve you well. As a Skylake user myself, I would suggest you not to go for SLI. As there are very less PCI-e lanes available for our processors, your second GPU is not going to scale well, considering the price tag. If you have that much of money to spare, go with Titan X for now. That would be playing safer.