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  • CPU
    i5 6600k overclocked to 4.2 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus z710A
  • RAM
    16 gigs ddr4 hyperx fury black
  • GPU
    msi gtx 970
  • Case
    Corsair spec-02
  • Storage
    500 gig samsung 850 evo, 1 tb wd blue hdd
  • PSU
    rm 750
  • Display(s)
    1 24 inch 1080 Benq GL2460HM
  • Cooling
    2 stock fans + 2 additional exhaust w red leds
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  • Operating System
    Dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04

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  1. willbeddow

    Where to start on network improvements

    Thanks guys, this is really helpful information. I'm checking out the synology NAS's now. My house is fairly small and we got good WiFi coverage with the router so I don't think I need multiple APs. Thanks again
  2. willbeddow

    Where to start on network improvements

    I'd rather get new hardware, the laptops that aren't very old and worthless I use for work.
  3. My network is currently pretty mismatched and low end. I have 30 down 10 up internet from comcast connected to an older netgear router. I have a tb hdd connected the router to use as a sort of NAS but I can only make it accessible as a windows share or via ftp and I get abysmal speeds even though the hdd is usb 3 and connected to a usb 3 port. I'm assuming this is because my router is weak or my bandwidth is bad. I also (don't judge me) have an old laptop with Ubuntu server on it that hosts my personal website and some other small stuff. I have a smattering of laptops and a gaming desktop ( that I had to put a wifi card in since there was no good way to run cables to it). I'm willing to spend some money on the network and I've been wanting to improve it for awhile but I'm not quite sure where to start and what are the most cost effective ways to do so. I'd ideally like to give my server a better connection and have a dedicated and at least fairly fast NAS. Recommendations?
  4. willbeddow

    My python based personal assistant

    Just made me laugh . Anyway, this is mainly for fun, although it's pretty useful. In the past, I've integrated some modules that have been useful (like pychromecast, pyspotify, and many of the AMAZING autoapps and their apis. As for intrusion, I suppose it can be even more intrusive then that XD. Through an app called secure settings, pocketsphinx, and autowear I can use hotword detection to open voice commands. But I've learned the hard way that I say the word "will" too much for my phone to turn on whenever I say it.
  5. willbeddow

    My python based personal assistant

    No worries
  6. willbeddow

    My python based personal assistant

    All of that and more is in the video description which I made sure had everything in it. Copied from it: Code for basic W.I.L.L (not including slack code): https://github.com/ironman5366/W.I.L.LMy website: http://willbeddow.comMy articles http://www.gadgetblur.com/author/will/W.I.L.L is an open source python based personal assistant that I've been working on for awhile. He's capable of doing basically anything through json based plugins, and as some of his core features can extract questions, parts of speech, and other information like names, dates,and locations.In this video I'll be showcasing some of the basic plugins I've added and the slack interface that I'm using to interconnect various devices. More videos to come.The plugins I'll be showcasing in this video:1. The question plugin which uses wolframalpha, google, and wikipedia to find a direct answer to most questions. (I forgot to show math functions of this plugin, it can also use wolframalpha to answer basic to intermediate math questions)2. A customizeable greetings plugin3. A youtube searcher and player plugin4. A plugin that uses linux xdg-open (and a similar start based function on windows) to open any file, website, or program*To test the search plugin I asked a wide variety of questions of different natures to show different kinds of searches.Plugins that I won't be showcasing for privacy reasons, because they're still in development, or a few other reasons.Android autovoice commands (hard to show)Spotify module (in development)Texing/autoremote module (privacy)Reminders/google calendar integration (privacy) Google drive integration (in development)Various devices 'speaking' to each other through slack (in development)Json slack commands(hard to showcase right now)All of the plugins involving content extraction that would by necessity use my location, contacts, and other personal info (privacy)Song-NekozillaThanks to Sulav Khadka for ideas and help with the searching and context extraction code
  7. willbeddow

    My python based personal assistant

    Not sure really what kind of community this is, but in case anyone's interested, I just posted the first video of my open source python based personal assistant.
  8. willbeddow

    Titan black vs 970

    I recently built my first gaming pc and bought a 970 for it. I've been happy with it but the other day a friend mentioned that he had a titan black superclocked that he wasn't using anymore and he'd sell it to me for $325. Is it worth it to get it and sell my 970 or should I just stick with what I have?