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  1. I decided that considering all I've ever changed in bios was the overclock, I'd leave the cmos battery out for now and it works! Thank you soo much for your quick response!
  2. I removed and reapplied the cmos battery and I still am not having the Post screen on my monitor... Do I have to completely remove the battery and try it without it?
  3. Not very high 17.5 to get it to 3.5GHz as the chip runs at 3.2 GHz. I'll go ahead and try to reset CMOS thank you.
  4. Hey guys I really need some help right now. I decided to overclock my PC through the motherboard Bios and when I restarted my PC it wouldn't even post... All I did was changed the multiplier and kept the voltage and everything else on auto... System Specs AMD FX-8320 MSI Krait 970A 16Gb Kingston HyperX Ram DDR3-1866 MSI R9 380 Armor 2Gb thanks for helping me out.
  5. Thanks! Didn't know those existed...
  6. Hey guys, on PCPP I saw a guy make 2 PCs in 1 case and I want to attempt to do that myself but I need a case that can do this... Any Cases you guys think can hold 2 mini ITX motherboards? The guys build is here www.pcpartpicker.com/b/vCNNnQ
  7. I think it is the clock rate of my GPU. It is the white Msi R9 380 and it is clocked slightly slower Thanks for helping!
  8. I made a PC that was color co-ordinated perfectly Black / White... I ran 3D Mark Fire Strike and got a 6800 Score but I am confused, I thought I was getting more... AMD Fx 8320 8GB Ram DDR3-1866 No SSD Mis R9 380 2GB Does anyone have a better score with the same budget ~$700 No OC? I am just wondering if I got a trash score or not.
  9. I don't even have a SSD. It would be a great gift and save me a lot of money because the price range is too low for a 240 GB SSD Thanks Linus (and team) for the giveaway.