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  1. Because when I have the 2 other monitors connected to the gpu I'm gaming on while having a youtube video for instance on 1 monitor and the obs preview on another it drops the framerate somewhat and I turn off the OBS preview because it causes a small amount of input lag when it's enabled and being shown on my main graphics card. yes Its a small price to pay to get rid of the bluescreens but It's just more convenient to have them being rendered by my other GPU. For now that's exactly what I'm doing, I just wanted to see if anyone knew the cause of why the bluescreens were happening in the first place.
  2. So as soon as I installed a GTX 1050 as a second card to have my 2 other monitors plugged into for things like youtube and having my OBS preview on, while my main monitor is plugged into my 1070 ti for gaming, my PC bluescreens at least once a day, sometimes twice. I've tried to predict when it happens but it just seems random. Sometimes it's when I'm gaming, sometimes it's when I'm on the desktop doing basically noting. Now when I have only 1 monitor plugged into it, it bluescreens much less, maybe once every couple days. But when I have all my monitors plugged into my 1070 ti and just have the 1050 installed and basically doing nothing then the whole pc is fine and it doesn't bluescreen. I have done everything I can think of, even completely wiped my drive and reinstalled windows. I have an 850w 80+ gold psu so I don't think power is the problem. I've stress tested everything in my system for days on end, but to no avail. I even had a different GTX 1050 and 980 ti, and I tried using both of those cards as second GPU's but the bluescreens persisted until I had all my monitors plugged into my main card. What the heck is going on?
  3. So my friend shut off their PC forcefully and when she tried to boot up the pc again it went into a loop of saying performing automatic repair, I had her plug in a bootable flash drive and run through the typical bootrec.exe /fixmbr /fixboot /rebuildbcd and they didn't work, /fixboot didn't even get through because access was denied. What do I do from here?
  4. I have tried reinstalling my drivers with DDU yes, even trying older drivers didn't work. I just looked up a lot about this and apparently this way of rendering shadows is called dithering?
  5. I've tried downclocking, and leaving everything at stock and I've tried every graphics setting possible, and compared my game with my friends game on pc with the same settings and he doesn't have this issue. Also it has been like this since the bo4 beta when I had a 980 ti, now I have a 1070 ti and it's the full game but the problem persists. I did notice that putting the Anti Aliasing to Filmic SMAA T2x did help reduce this but the game did look very blurry because of it. Also dead by daylight has no graphics settings outside of low-ultra overall so I can't change specifics with that
  6. So in a couple of my games I noticed that my shadows are grainy and pixelated, most noticeably in black ops 4, and somewhat in Dead by Daylight, I have tired everything I can think of to try and fix this even completely reset the PC and that didn't even work. My games are looking very gross and I don't know what to do.
  7. So I have an AOC G2460PF 144hz monitor and when I boot up my pc the image looks bright and sorta washed out with gamma too high. But over time it changes back to looking nice again, where blacks are actually black, I don't know why this happens but I can recreate it by changing my refresh rate to 60hz and then it looks nice, but if I change it back to 144 it looks washed out again. But the weird thing is that if I keep it on 144 it eventually by the end of the day changes it's colors to look nice anyways why is this happening?
  8. My 980 ti is getting mega hot, it's almost hitting the 91c temp limit in MSI afterburner and I have a pretty aggressive fan curve, I've opened the card and replaced the thermal paste but that didn't help, I have 2 intake fans bringing air in through my 240mm radiator on the front, 1 intake on the top and 1 exhaust through the back, all these fans are maxed out speed and still my gpu is about to cook some eggs. I do have a GTX 1060 below the 980 ti so that could be chocking the airflow a bit but could it really be making the 980 ti that hot??
  9. Yes number pad, I'll be willing to pay extra for the macros but they aren't worth like a lot extra, like I'm not willing to pay the price difference from like the strafe for example to the K95 RGB Platinum if macros is the only extra I'm getting. Edit: I said "Like" way too many times
  10. I'm looking to buy a new keyboard and I want a corsair one but I'm not sure which one to get, There's no price limit but I don't wanna pay extra for something I'm not going to use. I would prefer the MX speed switches. I can't tell the difference between the K70 MK2 and the Strafe MK2 or their MK1 counterparts, but there is a price difference. I would be willing to buy the K95 RGB Platinum if I knew would other features it gave other than macro keys. I would like RGB but it's not needed.
  11. All games except like overwatch
  12. I've taken apart the GPU and replaced the thermal paste, and the CPU has had it's thermal paste replaced several times before none of which was any longer than 2 months ago. The GPU hovers around the low-mid 80s in temps when it's actually under load