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    Australia, NSW, Griffith
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    Just too many; gaming, messing with my PC, woodworking in the shed, modifying my ute, starting weird projects with mates and being drunk.
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    "Often described as either 'Nick the Fix It'
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  1. Bupalooga

    Psu fan swap, new fan wont spin.

    Yea I knew that bit, keeping my clubbed thumbs out of all the zappy bits. Whats with the rest of the world and and they're addiction to suing each other. Take responsibility for where you shove your fingers, if not get back in your padded room lol. But thanks for explaining where I went wrong tho.
  2. Bupalooga

    Psu fan swap, new fan wont spin.

    Yea naa, laws must be a little different where your from. I had no intentions of limiter bashing the psu so I was fine with sacrificing some of that top end cooling performance. But it don't work so back to stock I go.
  3. Bupalooga

    Psu fan swap, new fan wont spin.

    Bugger! O well, ill just have to pop the other one back in and put up with it I guess.
  4. Bupalooga

    Psu fan swap, new fan wont spin.

    Because its the loudest part of the computer. I wasn't worried about the specs of the fan, I was just trying to make it quieter at idle. And that all it did, it idled loudly and never ramped up after continual pc stress testing. I mounted it the other way because it works better with the entire system airflow since there's a fan pointed at its side "exhaust" vent
  5. Bupalooga

    Psu fan swap, new fan wont spin.

    I thought pwm fans could still work fine on just voltage control. That's why they still work on 3 pin fan headers dont they?
  6. So I'm building a pc and i swapped the fan on the PSU (Silverstone SFX SX650-G) for a Noctua A9x14 and now its not spinning at all! I had it up and running just fine before the swap but the fan span all the time and was louder than the rest of the computer (all Noctua) which is why I decided to swap it for a quieter fan. Even at full load (230 watts from the wall) the fans not even trying to move! So unless power and ground wires were color coded wrong in the psu (I put black - black & red{psu} - yellow{noctua}) and ideas on what the problem could be? am I missing something? The only thing I found weird is the psu stock fan is 12v 0.45amps, which is 4 times the Noctuas amperage. But that would mean the noctua is easier to spin so I dunno. Assided ×
  7. So i thought id better finish this off by saying how it ended up. I had to ship it back to them but they paid postage to send back the new item. & there was no waiting time, I received notification of them receiving the tablet and another notification of them posting out the new one that same day. New one works perfectly.
  8. I could send it back for a refund but they're not available in Australia which is why importing was the only option. Only shipping insurance
  9. I found the network bands the canadian/us version of the tablet operates on and contacted optus, who confirmed it was compatible with both 4g and one out of two of the 3g bands used in my area. But that's not the issue. It doesn't READ the sim card, it doesnt recognize that its even in there. The AT&T one came with it in the box so it should definately be able to read that.
  10. I confirmed with optus that it would work before purchasing. I want to mount a tablet in my car to use for gps, car OBDII interface, music & entertainment hub. I have 5gb a month on my mobile plan that i can share with a tablet by connecting a second sim to the account. I chose the shield specifically because i was interested in the gamestream technology and knew console mode is something that i would definitely use. Would i be able to rma direct to Nvidia? or is going through NCIX the only option?
  11. I never expected to have to pay for the new product! My sister works in a local computer shop and she said some manufacturers will reimburse the return postage once its a confirmed manufacturers fault but they never charge for return shipping. Would have bought it locally if it were sold here.
  12. So i got a shield tablet shipped to me here in Australia from Ncix Canada & is doesn't recognize any sim cards, iv tries 1 AT&T and 2 Optus ones. Iv been through all the trouble shooting with NCIX & Nvidia. It did have old android when i got it so i ran all the updates, factory resets and the like but nothing has worked and my customer service representative has just said: "We can help cover the warranty but we would need to receive the tablet back in BC, Canada to replace it and you may be responsible for covering the shipping to send the replacement back to Australia." I expected that I might pay to begrudgingly ship it back to them, but to pay for them to ship it back!? I think NOT!
  13. Bupalooga

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Bupalooga https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="https://t.co/0JGigJNPtz">https://t.co/0JGigJNPtz</a>Vessel has 1yr free subscription for the next 60 or so hrs, so if you've heard of it sign up now!</p>— Nicholas Ralph (@Bupalooga) <a href="https://twitter.com/Bupalooga/status/580353504868364289">March 24, 2015</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  14. What id like to know mostly is how these tablet screens look in full sunlight? Is one particularly better than the other? Its very sunny here in Straya and i don't want to buy a tablet if i wont be able to see the screen mounted to the dash in my car. So I planned this out a while back and had settled on a nexus 9. I have just found a barely used one for $620. (Aus $720rrp) 32gb and LTE for GPS and stuff. I wanted a %100 wire free setup to easily get it in&out of the car with Bluetooth audio streaming to my stereo sound processor, Wifi OBDII interface to the cars computer & a QI Wireless charging pad on the tablet mount. Would automate automatic unlocking, music playback, apps and stuff using the 'Tasker' app triggered from the wireless charging hooked up to car ignition. HOWEVER! I reevaluated the market and the Shield Tablet is very convincing. Main Disadvantages: Wireless charging - meaning completely wireless setup will now have 1 charging wire to plug in. This also means automation will work from USB power meaning disabling/enabling that event sequence whenever i switch charging from home/car. Can Qi charging be hacked into the shield?!?! Smaller screen - & less square but still good enough for the application. Less resolution - unfortunate but it still looks good right? Main Benefits: Micro SD slot - Was the biggest disappointment with the nexus, a definite +. Cheaper new - $540 is the best iv been able to find shipped from NCIX & comes with free controller, case & some games. Game streaming - While I doubt my home network can handle wireless streaming, I'm looking forward to giving console mode a go with my GTX780 Having difficulty deciding, any other suggestions for android tablet car installs?
  15. So iv got a second 2tb hdd to set up a Raid 1 redundancy array with my existing 2tb drive. There's about 1.2tb of data existing, the OS is on an ssd so this is mostly files, media, games & installed programs. I need to move my data off the existing drive over to 2 external drives (1tb & a 500gb) & then back again onto the fresh raid setup. Whats the best way to do this? Simple copy paste or is there some free software i should use?