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    i5 4670K
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    ASRock Z87 EXTREME6
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    16 GB HyperX Predator 1866
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    ASUS Rog Strix 1070
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    Cooler Master HAF X
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    120 GB Samsung EVO
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Rival 700
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    Windows 10

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  1. But something like chipset driver, can i just install that over my current? hmm
  2. Yes, i do have the Yeti mic, try and take that out?
  3. Hello. I will try and explain this best way possible, so please bear with me, if my English sounds poor and/or i forget some information. Let me start out with my System: Cpu: Ryzen 1700 W. Stock cooler, Gpu Rog Strix 1070 O8G. Nvidia driver is old, haven't updated because this old version runs perfect. Ver 418.81 G.Skill FlareX 3200MHZ Running 14-14-14-34 Motherboard: MSI X370 SLI Plus BIOS Version; 7A33v32 or 7A33v34 (I know it's old) PSU RM750X SSD: Samsung Evo (old) HDD 500GB WD Blue (Really old) Winver: 1903 Build 18362.388 My Windows installation is from 31 of October 2017, never really scanned for Virus since i mainly play games and don't visit XXX or dodgy sites. (Also my Chipset driver is from that time, haven't updated it as well, don't know how and where to find what version I have. Also Fast boot is disabled from Windows. Explanation: My PC have had from when I don't know, can't remember no more, an issue with "Freezing" Because it doesn't freeze entirely, i can move my mouse around, minimize stuff, open Task manager etc, what i Can't do is: Shut down, restart, log out, or close programs like firefox. (when this happens i hard reset) But i haven't had to do that for a really long time, because the only way i get around this freezing problem is where my wierd part comes. I have Dota 2 open (fullscreen windowed) and then it seriously wont freeze, but tonight I downloaded and wanted to play Crash Bandicoot, played with settings, and went 1-2 maps in BAM my entire game froze, i minimized to close it over task manager, then i scrolled on Firefox and noticed some stutter when I scrolled so i knew it have frozen my PC. (before i hard resat i saw i had an update for windows, so i just restarted via my button it updated and everything seems fine, but still how can i not do certain things on my PC without it freezing, i checked Event Viewer it gave me almost nothing, only thing I might think it can cause something as a freezing is: Event ID: 219 Source: Kernel-PNP Text from Event viewer So I am getting a conclusion that I maybe are having a really bad USB or my Windows might be damaged. Hope I can get some input, sorry for all this. And i also put stuff in here and there, so it might be confusing to read around. Hope you all can help me or come with input what might be wrong Also add; from back then my PC also froze if I ran heavens benchmark (I could close the app down, but only so my screen was all blacked out) it wont freeze in Dota 2. If you need more information do ask, and I do my best to fetch it. and sorry, i suck at making TLDR; so i haven't made one
  4. Single channel is bad. Frame difference
  5. DDU your Driver, go back 1 or 2 versions.
  6. If you don't want to custom it, why do you want a G12 on it then?
  7. It should last you at least like 4-6 years i guess.
  8. I took it apart today again, to clean it out, now i just see way higher temps in tom clancys rainbow six siege, i give up
  9. I am just thinking of taking it out sooner in some time, but if it's only inceased a few C should i borther? i think the fans run a bit slower than before anyway.
  10. My Airflow stays the same, i just cleaned the GPU, and i don't know maybe I could have maken it more lose, or maybe pushed more dust further down the heatsink?
  11. Contact AMD, hear them what you can do, since you'll be popping in your Vega64 when it comes back,
  12. I think the GPU Clocks are the same as before. yeah they should be the same.
  13. Okay, it's a short story, and i know it's nothing to worry about maybe. I decided last week, to clean out my PC, because I had a day off. So i took my GPU out, and i cleaned it first, because it's a compucleaner, it gets a bit hot, i started blowing some of the dust out, and it went fine, i get the card flipped and blow the dust in the back of the card (Where the HDMI DP ports connects), meanwhile i held the fans, they probably spun a little, and when I then had to connect it, because Im nervous i had a little sweat on my hands, but it didn't affect the card, maybe I pressed a little to hard on the card as well, because i felt like I was about to drop it, I don't know, i pop it in it works, but then I realized something wierd, my temperatures after the cleaning has raised, nothing insane, PUBG from 50-62 To a new 65-68 C Dota 2, seems like 1-2 increased but never hits over 61 there. Its the basic two games I play. In PUBG I have everything on the lowest expect textures which is on medium and then 120 FPS capped. I though have NO idea if it's because I cleaned my fans, the temps goes up because the fans spin slower. It's a STRIX 1070 OC from September 16(IIRC) I don't have any different fan curve to the card, the card itself should run in constant gaming mode i think, I never use my MSI Afterburner or my ASUS Tweak II. The only thing i see here on my Strix is this form a short PUBG game or two. And i also know the temps are fine, but it borthers me I clean and it goes up. CPU temps are fine Ryzen 1700 Stock 61 C with 2327 MAX rpm. My ambient temps are around 23-24 C, but they were that before I cleaned my GPU and i had never over 62 C back then. Have I done something wrong, maybe pushed some dust further in? (My blades have dust but nothing i think should do that much temp change)
  14. What I like to do is, first go to the drivers website, download them, so you can DDU your old drivers, install the new card, start up PC and then instantly install drivers.