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Randy R

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    Computers, Software, Blockchain
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    I run a major blockchain/mining service website.
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    Chief Executive Officer


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    ASUS Z97-PRO
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    GTX 1080
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    Windows 10

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  1. Randy R

    Help finding a camera

    I don't need anything too fancy, just functional. My budget is 5k but I would like to only spend 1-2k unless there is a good reason to spend more than that. If you have more than one idea, listing them all would be good so I could choose the best match. Even a brand name suggestion would be helpful, I could also look at their offerings on my own too. Thank you.
  2. I usually use my phone for camera stuff. Its good enough sure. But I want to go to the next level. I mostly want to just document my time or things I see in high quality. Stills/sometimes moving shots, 13M pixel or greater, and 4k video 30/60 fps. I have no idea what sort of camera I should buy. I have a large budget so that is not a problem. I would appreciate some suggestions based on some additional parameters along with the general usage I outlined above. Removable rechargeable battery, and or also chargeable via usb and thus also via battery pack. Large storage capacity, sd card slots or some other method of storing hundreds of gigs to a TB. At least one optical zoom level, mountable on dash of car or other mount, and general handheld usage. Not bulky. Thanks.
  3. A bit of a tangent, but I don't upload to youtube that much. Being that almost everything I had tried to upload in the past, give me some sort of strike. I mean I upload then it tells me 1 of 3 strikes while its still in processing even. Ok I get that it might have copyrighted content. but why not just tell me "bro, its got copyrighted content, we can't publish the video", instead of striking me the instant I upload. I mean its not like I know every piece of copyrighted material that is on their system to know before I upload. So unfair, I don't know whats copyrighted before I upload, and the instant I upload to know/find out that it has copyrighted, its a strike!!!!!! Am I doing something wrong, is there some testing function I can run video through and have it tell me its a clean video, or not, but not kill my channel over it? I mean crap, youtube even went on to explain that even though the video isn't visible to anyone, its still a strike, just due to the fact I uploaded a video that I didn't know had something in it. one time it gave me a strike because I uploaded a video with the nyan cat jingle in it. I have mixed feelings over floatplane, but I do like the way they are developing it, hopefully it won't have this crazy content match scheme that prevents people who are new from creating videos.
  4. Randy R

    Midwest Carpool?

    I need a passport.
  5. Randy R

    Build me a PC

    thanks for the replies, but honestly, 10$ in btc for you to spend 30 minutes on pcpartpicker.com to build out something should have been a no brainier. I've got my build thanks anyways.
  6. Randy R

    Build me a PC

    I need a sic workstation and some gaming(5%) PC I want to upgrade to the zen2 threadripper next year, will need a stand-in cpu full tower space for at least 2 hdds and 2 ssds (+already have) space for expansion slots so large mobo m.2 slots custom watercooling 2x rad hardline 64+ gigs of ram, highest reasonable speed fastest gfx some rgb newegg, amazon or other retailer accepting bitcoin only budget 5 btc. 0.003 btc reward for your time if I choose your build. soon before these btcs are worthless. thanks.
  7. Randy R

    Pc will boot with one 1080ti not 2 plz help

    Code 30 is related to it being in sleep mode, try disabling options that reference that.
  8. Randy R

    High DPC latency issues

    If I had to guess, your network port may be causing the issues.
  9. Randy R

    Asus Driver Issue

    Have you run the installation by right clicking on it.. Run as Administrator?
  10. Randy R

    Cycling BIOS

    Unplug your dead HDD and set your SSD as being the default boot drive, assuming it has an OS on it.
  11. Randy R

    Pc will boot with one 1080ti not 2 plz help

    Is the pci slot your connecting it to turned on in the BIOS ? Do you have enough PCI lanes to handle 2 cards, Do you have enough wattage from your PSU, are you connecting all required power cables to your cards. Have you plugged in each card signally to verify its not at fault?
  12. Randy R

    RunDDL Problem

    C:/Windows/system32/C_65003.NL Is not a system file that I would recognize, its likely from some other third party software, or a virus. There is no such file on my Malwarebytes installation, so its probably due to some malware. I would recommend running more than one malware scan to check, https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/forHome/products/housecall.html is a great scan if your in a tough spot and can still open a browser.
  13. Randy R

    Event Viewer Kernel-Power Error

    If you rolled back to a BIOS and its now working without that issue occurring, than its the BIOS that is causing the issue. Well, A change in the BIOS resulted in the issue occurring anyways. You would be best contacting ASUS about this issue, I doubt there any ASUS BIOS engineers on here that are going to be able to help =P Basic stuff though, make sure your CPU, MOBO are compatible with each other, I wouldn't recommend using the ryzen 2 chips with ryzen 1 MOBOs even though they claim compatibility.
  14. Randy R

    LG 27UK650-W 27" 4K Monitor Power off

    That's what I needed to know then. Thanks
  15. Randy R

    LG 27UK650-W 27" 4K Monitor Power off

    The 4k is set as my main. And this occurs actually when I turn it on, not off. Windows will make that sound that you plugged something out, then back in.