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    Computers, Software, Blockchain
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    I run a major blockchain/mining service website.
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    ASUS Z97-PRO
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  1. I've been waiting for the AMD Threadripper 24 core cpu all year pretty much. Its a dream of a chip. But, am I being real though? Is it worth it? Would the 3950x be better? not to mention half the price. Been trying since launch to get the 3960x, but with the wait I'm doubting the eventual purchase. I had the same type of doubts last year when I put in a custom order for a $50k Mustang. I love it now that I have it. I don't game. Well, I "Game" but not like you think, I'm old and I only like building/creative games, or storylines. So like Cities skylines, or Dragon Age.. very brief list, but I don't care about top of the line performance as far as FPS or any of that or spend much time gaming. What I do though, I am a tech enthusiast, I am mostly a programmer. I write, design, test heavy lifting software that uses lots of cpu power, lots of I/O especially***. I work with large databases of various types, I move large amounts of data around between my two separate areas, home and work. I do lots of various intensive tasks to suit my fancy for exploring technology, and I run my business which I do most of the same type of work. So my PC is a combination of work and home since I like to do similar things, using your skillset to its potential sort of thing. I have a poor choice of a pc currently for such tasks. Built almost 5 years ago. I have lots of various servers currently at home that I use to accomplish the types of tasks I could eventually do on a fully specced Threadripper system. The PCIE lanes is the real driver of my choice for a Threadripper. I mean I would get a Threadripper 3000 series 16 core cpu.. but the ryzen one honestly has about the same number of lanes as the 4790k that I have and I'm already maxed out on here with 1 gpu, 1 40GB infiniband sfp+ card, thats already 16 lanes. all my sata ports are used and I have an nvme slotted into my other slot at 4x. I don't get good speeds on any of my devices unless I'm selective about what I'm doing at the time. While with gen4 in theory there is more bandwidth but my devices are mostly gen3, so that only really applies to the chipset lanes since it can manage that traffic. While I can afford the 3960x and associated components, I just don't want to get grossly more than I need. I do reasonably well at my business and expect that having such a chip will enable me to do more, but would appreciate any one to weigh in on what they think.
  2. http://www.shopblt.com/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?action=thispage&thispage=011003000501_B6YZ293P.shtml&order_id=159809592&sitem=B6YZ293#Availability I waited for newegg as long as I could, I put in my preorder, they still have ~100 spots left. price gouged $100 oh well I don't want to wait 4 months Ive been waiting all year for this cpu.
  3. Ive been seeing a few of these "half my ram is gone" posts, I happened upon this https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-3000-cpus-memory-recommendations-asrock,39756.html basically it may not support 4 slots at high memory speeds. Not sure if this is the case.
  4. 3900x has been mostly available at least on newegg, but with no one being able to get the 3950x looks like some decided heck with it and bought out the 3900x too. I've got a case and PSU Ready, I hope I don't have to wait too long to get a cpu.
  5. Ive been trying to get a 3960x all day, no luck. Though I have found two sites here in the US that are taking pre orders. I'll keep trying newegg/amazon/bestbuy for the next while, then I'll put in a preorder, the price is gouged a little bit though. I'll link the site once I get my order in lol =/
  6. Its out there.. just sold out within 3 minutes.
  7. Can they host it in Seattle? I don't have a passport.
  8. Been a while since I built a high end system. getting a TR 3960x as soon as I can get one, I'll be camping newegg.com Anyways I'll need the best thermal compound, not sure what is the best these days. I did get some liquid metal but I backed away from considering using it, too afraid of it oozing out and leaking into the socket.
  9. Idk, you could call the mobo manufacturer, tell them the issue. Though, If you look on google, re seating the cpu fixes this exact issue for some people. Its a hassle to RMA and what not, worth it to try to reseat it again. If still not then there could be some other issue going on with the mobo, or possibly the cpu. Check pins make sure they are clean, socket too. Otherwise RMA mobo, not an ideal situation.
  10. Take your cooler and cpu out, make sure you don't have bent pins. If all good, put it back, and don't put too much pressure on the cooler mounting screws, make sure each one is even number of turns/pressure. If that doesn't help, check your ram slots. Test each slot with one stick at a time. Test your channels, two sticks ( read manual for two stick dual channel config) But re-seating your cpu probably will help as I've read at least two posts with this issue and they report that fixes it.
  11. any link to the quick disconnect hardware?
  12. I don't need anything too fancy, just functional. My budget is 5k but I would like to only spend 1-2k unless there is a good reason to spend more than that. If you have more than one idea, listing them all would be good so I could choose the best match. Even a brand name suggestion would be helpful, I could also look at their offerings on my own too. Thank you.