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  1. Bacon8tor

    Need Help, adding 2 monitors to 3 Monitor setup problems

    FYI . I tried to rather old cards an nvidia gt 520 and a amd hd 3450 and I was able to run a display off both cards one dvi (nvidia) and the other HDMI. SO I am fairly certain this will work . I am going to try tomorrow with a 750ti and my r9 380
  2. Hey guys, I know this sounds ridiculous, but they are 2 small monitors for my flight sim here is my current setup so for now I am adding 2 7" lcd displays like these (https://www.amazon.com/Tontec-Raspberry-Display-AT070TN90-Controller/dp/B00G60FJNG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478481942&sr=8-1&keywords=7"+lcd+display ) and really going to be adding a thrid shortly after likely a 10" . Problem is the my GPU atm does not allow me to have that many monitors. I have been planning on buying a 1070 here in a month or so. My question is if I get a 1070 can I leave my 380 ( I will move it down to the secondary PCI slot) and use the 1070 for my main monitors and have the 3 smaller ones plugged in and utilize the Max supported monitors for each card?? Thanks any advice would be awesome Heres kind of what I am thinking
  3. Bacon8tor

    Need Help, adding 2 monitors to 3 Monitor setup problems

    ok l;et me rephrase thequestion . If I have two graphics cards 1050's lets say not in SLI. Can I run 8 monitors(which is 2x max supported for a single card 4 on each card)??
  4. Bacon8tor

    Need Help, adding 2 monitors to 3 Monitor setup problems

    ok if thats so for my sanity sake, lets say I buy another 1070 or a 1050(just for extra monitor support) would that work. ?
  5. Bacon8tor

    Halo Forge

    l3ac0n8t0r (lowercase L then 3 , 0 are zeroes)
  6. Bacon8tor

    Halo Forge

    hey i got it downloaded I am trying to find ppl to play with
  7. Bacon8tor

    Drive going bad??

    Hey today I noticed really bad loading times and sometimes windows not responding when say going thru files. I checked disk usage and it was at 100% unless i closed absolutely everything then it goes to 0(obviosuly). CrystalDisk shows that the drive in a GOOD status, although it does seem to have some errors. Am I correct on thinking that this drive is mostly going bad or about to fail completely?
  8. So I blew one of my old logitech speakers, I had them for a long time. So time to buy new speakers . I really like these https://www.amazon.com/Behringer-MS16-Compact-Stereo-Speaker/dp/B00181T20O?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00181T20O&linkCode=as2&linkId=LY2KUUPFNCX55VU3&redirect=true&ref_=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl&tag=teksynd-20 but I also like having a good amount of bass. So I would want a sub woofer also. 2 part question, 1) what would be a good sub? 2) how would they connect to the speakers?I dont see a spot to plug a sub into the speakers, would I use the sub output from my mobo? Thanks for any advice, If you have any other suggestions for maybe a decent set of powered monitors w a sub, Im open to suggestions.
  9. Bacon8tor

    Communication Apps For Android To IOS.

    Yea Tango, just search it in the app store. Not sure why that was a question
  10. Bacon8tor

    looking for phone recommendations

    I just bought a Honor 5x off newegg for $199 and has been awesome. I came from a lg risio so I hoped/expected it to be a world difference and it was. My only issue is that the wifi doesnt pick up the 5ghz bandwidth. Other than that it runs awesomely.
  11. Bacon8tor

    Communication Apps For Android To IOS.

    you can call or text them, lol . but for video calling I have used tango before, its ok. and there are a ton of messenger apps. Anything specific your trying to do?
  12. Bacon8tor

    Plex Media Server Not Installing

    try this to solve the c++ install error https://steamcommunity.com/app/313630/discussions/1/412447613578071879/
  13. Bacon8tor

    Any idea how I could get this in my case?

    what other option do you think you have? you could remove the low profile bracket entirely, but still run the change of it coming out of the pci slot. other than that you either make something or buy something. possibly if you ahve another card that has the regular bracket you can see if you can switch them I have done this with NIC's in the past but sometimes the screw holes dont line up .
  14. Bacon8tor

    What controller would I need for this?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/162067786317?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true http://www.amazon.com/DJI-controller-transmitter-DJ6-California/dp/B00LDFB79O the amazon description says that the controller works with dji phantom 1 & 2 so I guess if you can find a dji phantom 2 controller should work
  15. Bacon8tor

    Tired of Amazon Customer Service

    I order quite alot of stuff thru amazon, almost a weekly basis whether for work or myself, I know that things may happen. But I have grown extremely tired of amazon thinking refunding the shipping is compensation. I dont really care to any responses ppl have this is a rant, and I know it. I think what really ticked me off and as far as I have realized that the customer service agents I talked today seemed to be using google translate to speak English, the grammar was horrible. and then the typical auto response copy and pasted then when I asked to speak to the supervisors supervisor, they tell me that I can only get one by phone so I provide my cell number and I get a call which Suprise Surprise is just amazon customer service regualr rep that has no Idea whats going on and I have to explain my self yet again. when I finally do get a supervisor, he begins to tell me that the package is out for delivery, when I have already called the UPS facility and they told me its sitting in the warehouse not out for delivery. Straight argues with me before I prove to him that when a ups package is out for delivery it shows as just that on the tracking "Out for delivery" . He argues with me that he knows the shipping carriers and ups never says out for delivery. Then I showed him proof buy telling him to look at one of my previous orders that was shipped with UPS. and it showed out for delivery. and then hangs up on me IM A FUCKING PISSED at this point. its one thing to maybe leave me on hold but to disconnect the call... unfucking reasonable . . . at this point I am asking for the entire price of the order refunded, but still getting my cell phone and case . Im too pissed off to keep writing.
  16. Bacon8tor

    RAID Drives (RAID 0)

    so what if your mobo supports it you should be able to.
  17. Bacon8tor

    RAID Drives (RAID 0)

    maybe this will help
  18. Alright all, so I have been thinking about doing this log for an upgrade I am performing at work. Background I am all self taught, only been into IT for about 4 years now, actually started working in the IT world for about 1 year and a half, luckily the company I have been working at for 5 years(started off as a telemarketer) gave me the opportunity to be an IT assistant for sometime, then my boss and only other person in the IT department got a new job and left with onyl 2 days notice. So I dived in head first with a hefty pay raise, man let me tell you about the mess I ran into. The Old Hardware: 5 Windows servers: 2x Dell Poweredge 2950 2x Dell 850 1x Dell xeon tower(not sure of model) 2x Dell Poweredge 2850 All of these windows servers are running Windows Server 2003 r2 . . . . . . . . ummmm WTF . . . . . . EXTREMELY OUTDATED!!!! I do have one server which is set up as a file share that has win 2008 r2(why i have no idea). on to the rest 11 1x Dell PowerEdge 4x Dell SC1425 2x Dell 1950 4 Built PC's not sure of exact specs all have Xeons haha my worst nightmare now.... the network.... This is a F*$&*#$&# MESS . talk about a heart attack. Ok now they got the defibrillator out..... what ever the 2 it ppl that were in the position before me were smoking out of there pipe must have been some crazy shit. following a cable in here is like threading a 20 gauge wire thru a needle. I am constantly afraid i will accidentally unplug something while trying to see where a cable is going. there are cords unplugged not sure why or where they go.... Now reason I have left it like this is because all of the switches must go. They are a HUGE Bottleneck they are all 10/100 switches. yes thats right no gigabit not even server to server communication. RIDICULOUS. Hardware Upgrade Plans What My original plans were to convert all servers into virtual machines on an Esxi Host with a San or NAS attached making managing the machines like a million times easier. I Have never done this before and only experience with virtual machines was using vmware player to test/make specific development computers/also as a work computer on my home pc.So at first I reached out to a few IT companies to maybe assist with the upgrade as hardware matching can be extremely difficult with Esxi hosts, but after getting a few quotes over $150,000 and knowing that the company wouldnt fork over nearly that much money, I decided for myself(great learning experience) and the company that I had to just take care of this. One of the main problems with Outsourcing it was the companies would only use the vary newest models of whatever brand Dell/hp/cisco, one went as far to try and sell me a technology that cisco just released a couple weeks before and then couldnt even get pricing for it. So I went to VMwares compatibility guide and started looking around at some host. I have like the dell machines they are fairly easy to work on , fairly easy to find parts, Looking for something with similiar features that the ESxi host that other companies had recommended, I found a Dell R710 Hex-core with 48 gb of ram installed for $400 thru pcserverparts on ebay, they had a 5 star rating and offer a 30 day guarantee. Next was the Nas I had determined I needed about 8 TB of usable storage, but also needed redundancy, also performance would be nice although not super needed. I opted for RAID 10 in sets of 4x 1 tb drives giving me just under 2Tb(1.8 to be exact) of usable storage. Next was the case On one of linus' video he had a norco 4224 which looked like what i needed and it was fairly priced on newegg but I opted for just the 20-bay version Norco-RPC-4220 At this point I was unsure what OS for the NAS i wanted to use, unfortunately vmware Vsan software would not have worked because that uses the drives in the Esxi host as a san, I wante a seperate unit. FreeNas , i was just unsure about using it in a enterprise enviroment, although like I said demand on the drives is fairly small. I looked at buying a isx systems machine with TrueNAS , basically a enterprise version of Freenas+support, but I wanted to make this machine and support..pshhhh i got this. also there was Open-e's DSS v.7, I tested this out withand it seemed vary similiar to freenas but was super basic. I opted for FreeNAS, had some experience I knew it could do everything I needed, and even more than I needed. so this is the hardware for the NAS http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cQqLvK here is the PSU - Newegg HBA (LSI) card - Newegg and some Sff-8087 cables Once I actually got all these pieces Im going to start a new post with the building, will be up shortly
  19. Bacon8tor

    Small Business Upgrade to Virtualization...

    whats it on? the senior thesis? or dissertation for that matter?
  20. Bacon8tor

    Small Business Upgrade to Virtualization...

    Fuck that you dont want to skim it or read it then go on, I am not re writing this for your pleasure
  21. Bacon8tor

    Small Business Upgrade to Virtualization...

    Yea sure sry I didnt update this . . . Kinda forgot and have been busy. So far I have 3 Esxi host setup , I purchased Dell R710's from ebay, and before all the other IT Admins start saying to buy from manufacturers to get warranties and replacement parts quick, yes I know this but I did not have that option and needed to find something. Yes I took a HUGE gamble on buying from ebay but I also did not buy from a random seller I did my research, the seller was PC server parts http://stores.ebay.com/PC-Servers-and-Parts-Inc they have a very good rating as a seller and I actually called them before hand and got some more information about the machines, which was nice they helped and were professional as I could ask. Not to mention I paid $430 for a dell R710 with 2x Intel Xeon X5650 Hex-core , 48GB of Ram , dell Perc 6/i . and upon arrival was extremely well packed in a double box with the expanding spray foam( I forgot the name) once I received and setup the first machine I had the business buy another for my second host. Both installed ESXi without a hitch , setup IPMI on both allowing me to power on and off remotely. For the NAS' so Im a little drunk now and I dont want to take the time to find the exact parts and I dont believe they are in a previous post so Ill update that later. But I bought Norco 20 bay Hotswappable case , ASRock server LGA1151 mobo , forget what kind of xeon and 16gb of ram , LSi HBA card that has 4 SFF8087 connections . working within the norco case as stated in the previous post was a BITCH , really jsut the part of plugging in the stuff to the backplane the molex and sff8087 were hard to get especially with my large hands. Other than that the Machines have been operating smoothly come to find out that the ASrock board I purchased in the install manual show you how to install FREEnas over the IPMI , I didnt not do this but neat, and also sweet that the board obviously is compatible with freeNAS, Yup if you didnt knwo I am using FreeNAS in a enterprise environment. And dont regret it one bit its working amazing, and my options arent tied like going with Vsan or Open-e(this one IMO is a clear rip of freenas but shittier and payware, with half the options). Network, this is the most recent problem I have been dealing with, first off I am not the best Network Admin , I mean I got the basics down but when trying to diagnose an issue deep within a switch , I am lost , predicting what a network would do is something that I can not do. I purchased a Cisco Managed Gigabit switch, from amazon for about $230. if youve read up I believe I mention all the switches in the business being 10/100 , ridiculous!!!!!!!!! But when I introduced the gigabit switch into the network I was unable to switch the still physical machines to the new switch and was only able to move the ESxi host to the new switch but then bridged(again a networking term I am prolly misusuing but I made a short cable to go from one switch to another.) This resulted in a ridiculous bottle neck on the internal network in loading some internal web pages from linux machines on the VM. (check out the first post with the nightmare pics) I found a temp fix for some reason whether its the fact that the internal network was taking a long time to resolve the hostname . not sure, but if the user jsut used the actual IP address of the server hosting the webpage it loaded almost immediately where as if you used the FQDN(fully qualified domain name) it could take up to 10 minutes!!!!!!! I always was looking at the vm to see what the network was like on that and it wasnt being stressed or even at its limit telling me the bottle neck had to be within the 2 switches, so actually this morning I switched all ESXi host to the old 10/100 switch for sanity sake and people could load what they needed. This is why I am drunk.... lol .... Today for some reason the internet was extremely slow .. im talking dialup speed. . at best .. 1 mb down 2 up ..... we are suppose to have a 50 down 50 up connection ( which is bad enough for a business to have and I am working on getting this bandwidth up'd) so after countless staring at the switches realizing I had done nothing that would cause this I called our ISP which is century link(I HATE CENTURY LINK , had them at home and they suck) and submitted a ticket, so far they have sent emails saying its being evelaveted to another group or higher tier. I had to contact them , I was xtremely stressed at this point finally getting someone to read the notes and inform me of what was going on whether they saw an issue on there side or not. and they were seeing a loss in connection between them and my modem. SO phew it wasnt my doing(so far at this point).. I contacted century link at 11AM MST and its now 3:48PM MST still have not heard from century link, and Im drunk of a sixer of Stella Artois...... I will try to take some pics of the server room now as I have taken down about 7 or 8 physcial machines, the networking is still garbage but withing the next month I hope to have that and the Windows server upgraded to 2012 r2 at this point I may be able to have an actual weekend off, what a thought. . . glad some are interested in this I will definitely try to keep this updated. Biggest challenge so far: Figuring out the correct Microsoft licenses --> CALS SUCK FUCKING BILL GATES DICK <_ block it if you want but we all know its true
  22. Bacon8tor

    [Newegg US] MSI GL62 6QF-628 $700 With Promo Code EMCEJGE46

    The $700 model has a i5 6300HQ and the i7 6700HQ ina 15.6" model is $829
  23. Bacon8tor

    Doom white screen

    good to hear, I beat the game already but gonna go back and get all the secrets and what not. and maybe turn my brightness all the way down , I remember doom being very dark. It seemed very bright the entire game
  24. Bacon8tor

    Doom white screen

    I got No issues, the graphics defaults to about medium to high and some on ultra looks great and I am getting 60 -70ish fps
  25. Bacon8tor


    I just bought it , Ill let you know once the 43.8GB download is done , about 2 hours. I hope the single player is as the older ones, cause the multiplayer is garbage.