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  1. Whenever i max out my core voltage on msi afterburner my benchmark scores drop? is there a reason as to why this is happening? Ryzen 5 3600 EVGA GTX 1060 6gb gskill tridentz 16gb 3200 Asus x570
  2. thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me, much appreciated. youre awesome dude
  3. well updating my bios fixed it. Memory express said they updated the bios for me when i bought the mobo and cpu..... assholes, now im at 80deg no throttle stock cooler. gunna buy a better cooler anyways, H100i PLATINUM SE is the new upgrade. I LOVE YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING, i want to kiss u
  4. should i try and update my bios. updated it when i got it but i could do it again
  5. cinebench score has dropped extremely
  6. should i just try and bring the cpu back? this doesnt make any sense to me anymore ive done everything i could think of
  7. my old cooler i would always tighten as tight as i could. now with stock cooler i managed to get 95 exactly. but its capping at 3.3ghz.
  8. corsair thermal paste just bought it. alcohol wipes to clean center dot. pea sized
  9. if i test it on ryzen master i get 90deg. im using hwinfo maybe im an idiot and its telling me wrong temps
  10. stock cooler and im hitting 103 deg c
  11. good idea. doing that now will update
  12. pump is plugged into the aio connector on my mobo. this is frustrating. might buy a new case cooler and fans tmrw at this point
  13. my old fx8350 at like 1.425v didint hit this high tho. same cooler. that thing was fine and i oc'd it to the max my build would let me. i would get max 75-80c
  14. I cant fit it at the top. Maybe ill do the back, might try different options. would rather not spend 250 on a new cooler but whatever. as long as my princess is happy and as cool as my beer im aggressively sipping while stressing about this