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    Reallife is a Stupid Game! But the Graphics are nice.
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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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    ROG Crosshair VIII Formula
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    G-Skill Trident Z Rgb (4x8) 32Gb 3200
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    2xSLI Zotac GTX 1070 - Amp! Edition
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    Thermaltake Core P5
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    Corsair MP510 480Gb M.2 (boot) + Seagate Barracuda 3Tb + Samsung Evo SSD 250Gb
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    Corsair Rm750i
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    Lg Curved Ultrawide UHD 3440x1440
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    alphacool X-Flow 480mm UT60, Ek supremacy Evo, Bykski 1070 Acryl RGB (2x)
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    Asus Echelon mechanical keyboard
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    Logitech G502
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    Sennheiser 598c
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    Windows 10
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  1. They can be expensive, they are prob gonna be one of the cheapest things in the PC anyways lol I did see the Phantek cover, but it is only "normal" RGB. If nothing else I will get these witht eh BeQuiet's, but I'd love to have more options.
  2. Heyo! I'm looking into replacing my 4 Alphacool Eislüfter 120mm RGB Fans with something better. The Alphacools are okay, but I think they are made more for looks than performance. I'd love to get some Silent Wing 3's from BeQuiet, they also advertise high static pressure BUT... they have no RGB to speak of. and my case is the Thermaltake P5 and chock full of RGB components, so black fans with no lighting would suck. Is there either some high-end high quality stuff available from other brands with aRGB (not just RGB, but adressable), or some kind of cover to put ontop of the fans? (or behind or so) The most important thing for me is static pressure, since i have a Monster rad (thats what its called) from Alphacool with 80mm thiccness. Seconds is aRGB control. (but mandatory in some way) Cheers -Marco
  3. Yeah, I regret paying full price for this as well. Should've waited for a sale. And even then, Crysis modded runs better and looks "good enough". The only reason you could want remastered is Ray tracing, and thats impossible to play with it enabled because it doesn't run smooth enough for a first person shooter.
  4. Heyo! I excitedly bought Crysis Remastered and I have to say; I am... Dissapointed. This is likely going to be a rant here. I don't get how they butchered the performance so bad. I know Crysis is supposed to be the almighty hardware-crushing game, but come on. From todays standarts, even on highest settings the Graphics look like a mediocere, mid-tier game at best. It is supposed to keep the original flavor, I know I know. But Seriously. If you compare it to Crysis 3 (Which people WILL do, it is a Crysis game after all) - It just doesn't look good!. Sure, compared to the Original, everything is miles better, but compared to any modern day title? Meh. Now that is not what my problem is. My problem is the performance. How could they make it look average at best, but perform so poorly that even with an RTX3080 Linus only got a pathetic 35 fps on highest settings? How is it that I, beeing able to play Crysis 3 at near, or max settings (At 3440x1440) and other titles like Battlefield 1, Borderlands 3 and so on - have to play an ALL LOW, and not even get my 75fps all the time? Heck, in some levels and scenes it dropped down to 35-40 at best. on all LOW. This is so confusing to me. Did they program this to run as horrible as it possibly could? Just for the sakes of "Can it run Crysis"?. If someone could explain why it is running so absolutely poorly and why the couldn't have solved it differently, I'd love to hear it. I'm mad AND dissapointed... I di´dn't want to be, I love this game, but I cant even run it properly. My System consists of: Ryzen 9 3900x on Crosshair VIII Formula 32Gb Trident Z RGB @ 3200mhz and 2 1070 Amp! Editions in SLI. (Yeah, yeah the game doesnt support SLI) How come I can run Borderlands 3 just fine on high settings( not max), but not this...
  5. Heyo! I can't find it in the manual so meybe someone here knows better; I need to know wether there are multiple chipsets responsible for the USB ports, and which port has which chipset connection, because I am getting issues with my VR setup, now that I've added 3 vive trackers (Am using the Index). Putting either the Headset or the trackers on seperate chipsets to clear up some bandwidth would solve my issues. I don't really want to buy a USB PCI card. Kinda don't believe a Mainboard like this would have enough USB bandwidth...
  6. Heyo! First off, this is by no means a hate thread. Not intended as one, I'm just curious. Well, I ordered two LTT Water bottles (one big and one small version) on the 10th of August (17 days, or 14 Work days) ago. One thing that already confuses me is that the delivery time on the store page itself was estimated at 7-14 days (not sure if workdays or "normal" days), but on the page about the shipping policy it states it can take up to 30 days. I've been checking my order every couple of days and its still stuck at "getting it ready", which I assume means the items still need to be packaged and sent out. Again, not a hate thread, I love what is beeing done at LinusTechTips. I could have bought any insulated bottle, but wanted to show some support. Just sad that the hot summer days are now pretty much over where I live and I really wanted to enjoy some Cold drinks from my nice water bottle...
  7. Ooh, I gotcha. Yeah that makes a ton of sence, thanks for clarifying!
  8. Interesting. Why would the peak boost speed be lowered though? Wouldn't it just go to its peak boost, regardless of base clock? Not trying to sound rude, of course. Just generally curious.
  9. Heyho! TL:DR is: I have nice hardware and don't know how to use it. And I hate myself for it. Let me explain: I've never been into overlocking and have pretty much no idea about how it works. The bad thing about this is my hardware. -Ryzen 9 3900x -GTX 1070 amp! (SLI 2x) -Crosshair VIII Formula -32Gb Trident z rgb @3200mhz As for cooling, I'm running a full-custom hardline waterloop with a 480mm 60mm thick rad. I plan to add another rad at some point, but for now it seems alright as is. I am ashamed of myself to have hardware like the Crosshair VIII Formula - an overlockers wet dream - and not using it to its full potential. Thats why I'm asking for your help... Now of course I could go on youtube and watch a video about overclocking this and that, which I did do, don't get me wrong. I tried; and I can only get my 3900x from its stock 3.8Ghz up to 4.025Ghz. Couple Mhz higher and it bluescreens and crashes. That just doesn't feel like what this thing should be capable of. I didn't fiddle with the voltage too much , because I'm just too afraid of frying my chip. If anyone is out there with a 3900x I would very much appreciate to hear what you have done to it and what your results are now...
  10. It is surprisingly good regarding dust! I believe since its in open air the dust cant really settle. I clean it maybe twice a year and there is only a very thin layer of dust (as is everywhere). My old case (Zalman 11+) definitely collected way mroe dust than the P5. It was pretty cool to do a build in it, but for my next case I'll probably get something like the Lian Li-011 with an unusual form factor and lots of glass.
  11. Heyho! After 4 years of in the work time I am finally at a point where I can consider my gaming setup finished and want to show off a bit! Main Specs: Cooling Gear: Peripherals: Desk: Additional comment: The Monitor arm allows me to some some pretty funky stuff, like rotating this monster vertical, for rediculous LTT Forum Browsing lol It has a pretty large range of motion, going from having the monitor resting ontop of my table all the way to the roof, swinging everywhere and rotating and tilting the monitor, even upside down rotation or tilting it flat (as in so you could use it as a table) Super happy with everything right now. The only thing that will be improved in the near future, when I renovate my room, is that I will make a cable passthrough in the wall so there is no cable visible coming from the pc.
  12. Oooh, USB-c ing all that is a thing? With displayport and ethernet and stuff? Did not know that! And yeah, the sleeve is not going down like in the picture in the end. it goes to the right behind the case, as stated above. I'm not familiar with USB-C yet, because I dont have any device that uses it. The mobo is a Crosshair VIII Formula so the Port should be up to date. Any hubs recommended, or do I just get any that works?
  13. Heyho! Simple problem (probably) difficult solution; I need to hide these cables: They are running behind the Pc and into the wall so I only need to hide this little bit. (The sleeve point down now but the cables are all gonna go completely horizontal to the right in the end) Unfortunately I don't have a 3D printer, but I would be able to make something out of wood if necessary. I want it to be as small as possible though. Open to any suggestions! Different cables maybe? Edit PS: Yeah the wallpaper absolutely sucks. Its gonna be finally replaced this summer.
  14. Heyho! Long story short: Nothing I do in Aura creator does anything. Not a single glimpse of light. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I had armory crate installed and after beeing extremely dissapointed with it I uninstalled it and installed the older aura software (which has many more, much beter effects). I know I cant select my aura creator profile in the old software, but Creator itself applies effects and also tries to show them live. But If i click apply it just turns everything off (presumably because it doesnt work correctly). It did that with the newest armory crate as well. Oh and also the mainboard itself isnt doing anything with the old software; it was with the new. (You can see in the pic its kind of grayed out, while the ram and strips shown white. I attached a pic of what aura and aura creator looks like for me. PS: I know that all asus aura software is total sh*t. I hate it. But apparently there is not a single 3rd party software for this... If anyone knows anything, please let me know.
  15. My friend has a completely different build and yes, it wakes up when everything is unplugged. Ethernet, Wifi, all usb devices...