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  1. Well to be honest teams etc are not 'average' those are good players and not just 'average'. See image of an example what the rank distribution is So you were playing casual that's usually a easy gamemode but will not show how good someone will do in competitive, and competitive is harder to learn in just '5' hours.
  2. kennyS is way more consistent then JW.
  3. This person is right, Mainly because lower sentivity = higher precision with mouse and in CS:GO you will be pre-aiming common spots and holding angles mostly so weird flicks are not that common.
  4. I have added you Profile is private for security reasons.
  5. Hey, I amLooking for some CSGO players or team? I'm currently MGE, Looking for players above nova 4. About me: 20 Years old. Got a MIC. Netherlands Best wep: AWP Best map: Dust2 Looking for expiernced players to play some MM games with my profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999910630/
  6. Go to Haven I believe the quest will pop up then since the war table is in the castle at haven. Also the person that told you to stay in the hinterlands trolled you, You have to explore other locations then come back later if you wish.
  7. Seems to be updated works for me agian without turning of SSL scanning.
  8. Ok after you said you had the same problem as me I did some research it was indeed bitdefender that caused this. When I turned SSL scanning off hotmail proceeded to load correctly agian.. I will edit this when I found it working agian with SSL scanning on.
  9. Hi, Anybody know any game where you can upgrade stuff for example your ship or your weapons. I really love this kind of games and the only one I currently have is Ridiculous Fishing and jetpack joyride. Anybody know any more of these kind of games? Paid or free doesn't matter, if you know anything just pop it in the thread don't mind about the specs if it looks fun i'll just test it.
  10. Monster hunter 3: Ultimate? I plan on buying this title myself since I played a monster hunter game on my old Wii and really liked it back then.
  11. Hello, Recently I have been having a problem that hotmail.com won't load I just thought hotmail had a issue for a couple of days till I realised my friends were still be able to check their mails. I noticed it was my browser: Chrome & Internet explorer and when I tested it with Mozilla Firefox it worked fine? I also tested this on Maxthon and it also doesn't load on that one. I haven't changed anything that could have caused this what I'm aware off and I found it rather strange that it still works on Mozilla firefox??? Chrome error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Internet explorer: This page can’t be displayed•Make sure the web address http://www.hotmail.com is correct.•Look for the page with your search engine.•Refresh the page in a few minutes. Maxthon: Cannot connect to the websitePlease make sure: - You have entered the correct URL. - You are connected to the Internet.- Your firewall is properly configured.- The website is not encountering any technical problem at the moment.Error code 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) I have tryed: Re-installing Chrome Flushing the DNS Checked my proxy settings (automatically detects settings is enabled) Tryed whitelisting hotmail.com & live.com in bitdefender My firewall & Antivirus: Bitdefender Windows 7
  12. You should try this section: http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/18-new-builds-and-planning/ Also building isn't that hard, There are plenty of videos out there that can help you. When they list the parts look for the cheapest on here: tweakers.nl (Dutch webshop comparison for cheapest)
  13. Non free: Civilization V Command & Conquer and Red alert series. Age of Empires Also like said above minecraft is great to for lan playing.
  14. Thanks everyone for your help, I just now bought the Z3. it will be delivered this saturday .