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  1. They told me I could create my own hotpost in my room but I don’t have a spare pc and I use Mac so it was impossible for me. I thought of using my raspberry to connect to the wifi (802.1X) and then route it to the ethernet port of it (and then connect my router) but could not get it to work. Maybe you have knowledge on this subject?
  2. That would be wrong :), they don’t have a policy lol and they don’t provide us with ethernet ports which was mentioned in our contract. Thats why they get me mad. So if they act like this and I have free time I just try to find a way hehe.
  3. that's a great option, I will try that!
  4. True that, but it has 802.1x wifi and like my playstation can’t connect to it so i tried connecting my own router to it. I really don’t care about the IT department cause they are a bunch of douchbags
  5. Just the PoE has an ethernet cable connected to it and with the other ethernet input I have my personal router connected to it.
  6. Yeah thats possible, but why don’t I get internet from the ethernet cable?
  7. I'm not sure, I think it is a Router connected to the modem but powered by ethernet. Because it sends out wifi.
  8. I'm not sure about the PoE but it is something like this; https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-802-11ac-Dual-Radio-UAP-AC-PRO-US/dp/B015PRO512/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1539005437&sr=8-17&keywords=poe+router And with the ethernet cable I would like to connect that to my TP-Link WDR-4300 router with DD-WRT
  9. Ow okey cause I treid it and my router doesn’t get any ethernet to it. What can I try?
  10. Hi guys I was wondering if I could connect an ethernet cable to my PoE router? The ethernet cable would then connect to a router.
  11. Hey guysI have a little q. I live in a dorm with a 802.1x wifi connection. And I would like to use my Rasp PI 3 to redirect the wifi from the rasp to the ethernet port of it and then connect my router to it so I have an independent wifi connection in my room with a normal password protected SSID (for my playstation,…)The IT dep of my school allowed it so yeah, cause a lot of school don’t allow it. Anyway what I tried is installing Raspbian and follow a tutorial on enabling the hotspot but I never achieved it. (Maybe because I have a 802.1x connection?)Also a friend recommended installing ubunt
  12. Yeah that is what I will do probably, thanks bro
  13. Yeah I’m willing to take the risk tho. I have a wdr-4300 laying around can that connect to my wifi en then share it to my devices with my own SSID? I thought routers always needed ethernet.