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  1. narunekogi

    Mixer help...

    Thank you so much for your assistance! I have now successfully hooked up speakers, microphone and headphones! The only slight problem I found was that raising the audio level created this high pitched sound so I can't unfortunately go over the volume of 5 (this is already acceptable sounds). Again, thank you so much Niksa. Hopefully I should have no problems with my future guitar. I wish you well.
  2. narunekogi

    Mixer help...

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with my mixer and audio setup. I'm kind of new to this, hence why I'm asking the community for help and trust me, I tried looking it up on youtube but to no avail have I found an easy video that fully explained it to me. I recently bought a Mixer (YAMAHA MG10XU) to go along with my Audio Technica AT2035. Now, this mixer can be directly connected to my computer through its USB cable and my mic works totally fine by communicating with the computer and going from XLR cable-Mic > Mixer > Computer. Sounds checks alright and it works like a charm. My problem is, I want to invest in an electric guitar so I'd imagine I put my XLR cable into my mixer like this: XLR cable-Guitar > Mixer > Computer. However, I want to hear what I'm playing. So don't I need some cables for Stereo Out since my speakers aren't connected to the mixer. I don't know how to communicate from input to mixer out from speaker. I'd also like to keep my headphones connected to my PC and be able to hear my guitar sound since I'll be substituting my mixer as an amp (God knows how, but it should be possible). According to my manual, there is nothing that says anything about normal, traditional 3.5 mm stereo speakers (Logitech speakers). I simply want to make the setup go from Guitar > Mixer > Speaker (Sound out). I'll attach some pictures of the inputs available on my motherboard along with the manual and my mixer inputs. Please be patient with me... I just can't wrap my head around this.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused when it comes to choosing RAM with my CPU/RAM/MOBO upgrade from an old Intel i5 and I've more or less already purchased all parts besides the RAM since its so confusing. The setup in question is: Ryzen 5 ASUS/ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO Now, I've gone to the website and followed their 'Qualified Vendor List' for RAM; https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/SocketAM4/CROSSHAIR-VI-HERO/C6H_C6HWifi_DRAM_QVL_AMD_Ryzen_Processors.pdf Since it doesn't list any DDR4 30000 I thought it wasn't an option and I had to opt for DDR4 32000 which is extremely expensive compared. I'm only going to use my computer for Gaming and using Microsoft Office with two monitors. I don't run any background applications when I game, I want to stay focused gaming but I'm still a scrub and I rarely run a lot of tabs on my browser during my sessions. So my question is: Do I need to follow the Qualified Vendor List for RAM with my motherboard? If possible, can anyone recommend me any good 2x8 GB RAM sticks or any compatible ones? I have these two in mind with the white ones being cheaper and since I could upgrade with the same sticks in the future. CMK16GX4M2B3000C15 CMK16GX4M2D3000C16W Thank you for reading. P.S: Will not be overclocking.
  4. narunekogi

    Need help, electrical surge sound.

    Hi everybody, I'm coming to you today with a very common problem but I'm wondering if there's a simple solution to this. Where there are people actually responding. I'm currently using BOSE Quiet Comfort Acoustic In-Ear on my PC and it's the first generation one's, not the ones with a working controller or with the nice new blue cable accents. Anyways, back to the point. I originally bought these for the sake of listening to my Walkman and since then also picked up PC gaming. I'm very competitive and with the active noise cancelling feature on these in-ear's it's almost like god's work. However! Since using them I've noticed this weird 'buzz' sound only happening to the right side. I've checked tons of tips/tricks/fixes about this and yes, I have grounded my PC and it has it's own electrical socket. With the active noise canceling off, the buzz sound stops. This only happens when using it with a PC. The buzz is even worse on laptops. So what do I do? Will this force me to buy a new pair of headphones/earphones specifically for my PC? This pair wasn't that cheap... if so, what are some of your recommendations then if this sounds like a problem that can't be fixed? I won't be able to hear as precise sounds when switching to headphones but anything that keeps me away from the buzzing sound. P.S. I did follow the youtube video stating that it might be a broken windshield inside. This did not work.
  5. narunekogi

    Best show introduction music?

    Has to be... BRAVESTAR!
  6. narunekogi

    Year 2015 Entry Budget Gaming Build

    It's so much cheaper than the one I chose. I guess I might take this one but I hope it's not too loud though because I actually use a proper microphone to use when I skype with my friends or talk with them over teamspeak. A loud PSU is very annoying...
  7. narunekogi

    Phantek Enthoo Pro+Noctua NH-D15

    235 mm x 535 mm x 550 mm (W x H x D) Sorry, I'm very sensitive. lol #feelinglessofaman
  8. narunekogi

    Year 2015 Entry Budget Gaming Build

    Actually I use my country's local online retail seller searcher and look for the product's price and then just convert it into USD. 850W is overkill? I've never run dual GPU's before sorry. So 750W would be more better? The cheaper, the better! Let's say that I AM going to SLI with two of these 970's. Power will suffice? Thanks for the replies by the way. These are the cheapest prices I could find for the parts. Could any of you recommend any good PSU's that are good, silent and modular?
  9. Thinking about buying the Phantek Enthoo Pro and I'm really bad with the measurements or it seems that the info I'm looking for is nowhere to be found. Before I purchase and make a bad decision, will the Noctua NH-D15 fit into the Phantek Enthoo Pro (Window version)? Last time I bought the NH-D14 into a case, it didn't fit and I cried myself to sleep and had to waste money on a different cooler... I was thinking of actually putting 3 fans on the D15 so I'm hoping there's space for it.
  10. narunekogi

    Year 2015 Entry Budget Gaming Build

    Hard drive's, mouse, monitor, keyboard, microphone, headset, etc., I already have. However, is the price difference really that different based on where you live? I wouldn't know though. I do wish I had access to amazon, newegg or NCIX here where I live.
  11. Greetings dear community! It's almost the year of 2015 and I hope everyone's bundled up for Christmas, sales, games and the upcoming holidays. With the NVIDIA 900 series coming out and some saved up money in my bank, I was thinking about building a new computer. However it would have to be a budget computer that focuses mainly on gaming and performance for 2 - 4 years preferably. I don't think I need a super maxxed out computer that will be able to run every game for a constant 2 - 4 year run with ULTRA graphics and maxxed out Anti-Aliasing. So far, some points I've considered is making the computer build into a small-factor gaming build. It would probably be cheaper than building a mid- or high tower. If possible, I would like to run it as silent as possible as well. Some other things to consider would be the possibility of maybe in the future, upgrade graphics card. Please help me with my decisions! End of message. (Below are the planned components. I will update based on suggestions.) Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro 135$ Power supply: EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750W 135$ Motherboard: ASUS Z97 Pro 215$ CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k @ 3,5Ghz 255$ CPU Cooler: NH-D15 105$ GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 970 ACX 2.0 HDMI DP 2xDVI 4GB 420$ (Might SLI) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL9 2x4GB (CML8GX3M2A1600C9) 100$ 1365$ Budget: 1600$(USD), Europe Continent
  12. narunekogi

    Corsair h100i HIGH TEMPS!

    Hi Guys! So I have finally gotten around to buying myself a computer and successfully built it with no problems. Unfortunately I see no impressive work about it so I am not going to post this to build logs. Anyways so I have installed everything correctly on my mini-ITX board and it went smoothly except for the fact that my Noctua NH-D14 did not fit. So I replaced it with an Corsair h100i. However while running into the BIOS to change boot priority I noticed the BIOS updating my CPU Temperature around 95 - 100 Celsius. This is absolutely not normal. I know my place is humid but that humid... So I am wondering what could be wrong? I do believe it is not something wrong with the unit itself maybe something I have done wrong? I did remove the pre-applied thermal paste and added my own IC Cooling Diamond 7 but only on the CPU side and not the waterblock side. Could this be the problem? Or maybe it is not tightened enough? I did notice the actual unit is in fact touching the CPU. Fast replies appreciated.
  13. narunekogi

    PS4 Monitor or TV?

    I really want to find an awesome monitor for a PC and PS4 because I don't think it's wise to use my PC on an TV monitor... and I do want to refrain from buying 1 TV and 1 Monitor.
  14. narunekogi

    Small Form Factor Gaming PC Help!

    I'm trying to ask for money lol... and I think shipping costs which I am unaware of can't be counted into the budget. I put everything into my NCIX cart and saved both builds you suggested. We'll see what happens. Thanks a lot for the help, I really appreciate it. Still debating whether to get an H100i or the Noctua NH-D14
  15. narunekogi

    Small Form Factor Gaming PC Help!

    If possible, 1000 - 1500$ maybe? I'm in Japan and we use JPY (Japanese Yen) However I'm thinking about ordering everything from NCIX because parts outside of Japan is significantly much cheaper.