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  1. Hi all, Recently have run into a problem that when I wake my PC from sleep my home wifi disconnects all of my devices. I have an Asus Maximus Formula VIII motherboard that is obviously wirelessly connected.
  2. Thanks for the overwhelming response! Reading through I have tested a lot of them and all are good. I've built the system out of the case right now to swap what I can. Everything in the system has now been tested with working compatible parts except for the cpu, I've also cleared the cmos and used the mem ok! button and tried with the GPU installed and off the onboard video. All to no avail. Just got off the phone with Intel, should have a new chip by the weekend so I will try it and see where I get from there. Its just weird that it worked flawlessly for a few day then crapped out with me not doing anything to it. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Thanks tried that, tried clearing the CMOS too, same issue. Talk to the tech again and he said he swapped out the ram for a new kit and still had the smae issue. Last option is the CPU, think I will try to rma it today and see what happens.
  4. Hi guys, Started a new Z170 build last week: 6700k 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Asus Maximus VII Formula Asus Strix GTX 1080 Corsair H100i GTX Corsair HX850i After initial success, after a few days I kept getting blue screen errors and a boot loop. Then the system failed to even post with a 04 PCH initialization before microcode loading q code. Took it in to be troubleshot by a local computer store and they suggested it was a bad motherboard. I RMAd the motherboard and got the new one today and low and behold the system is doing the same thing. I've swapped the power supply but am not able to test the ram or cpu to see if there are any issues with them, any suggestions?
  5. Being an airline pilot I would love an ssd to put in an enclosure to travel with me on my long hours away from home.
  6. Display is 1080p 75hz and about $2000.
  7. Canada. Budget right now based on i7 6700k and Strix 980ti.
  8. I'll start with the disclaimer that I know that this is a loaded question and have seen enough of these to know what the typical answer will be. I am looking for some suggestions from the community for a ground up build I am starting to plan. This will be my second full build but first fresh start in about 10 years. Since my first build and now the gaming market has drastically changed and with the recent advances in tech on the pc side and stagnation of consoles (4k and VR) I am finding myself drawn back to the pc. I have been easily able to see what will give me great results right now, but since I have only been back on the scene for a month or so I cant see what the future holds for software and hardware developers and where the trend is going. The 2 biggest questions on my mind are, are games starting to be developed to run on more than 4 cores and with the architecture change coming with Pascal, is it better to wait to start a blank slate build? It is worth noting that I am interested in a gaming rig only and do not render video or edit photos or videos. Thanks in advance guys!