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    i5 4670K
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    Asus TUF Gryphon Z87
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    Crucial Ballistix Tactical 8GB
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    GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB
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    BitFenix Prodigy M
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    Samsung 840 EVO + HDD
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    Corsair CX600M
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    LG 22EA53VQ-P
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    Corsair Hydro H60
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    Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 MLG RGB edition
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    Razer DeathAdder
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hi all. i'm having connectivity issues with my Razer nari ultimate. At random moments the headset will lose connection for just a split second and reconnect multiple times in rapid succesion. So there is just this beeb fest for a few seconds that is cant seem to fix. First i got help from Razer self, customer support found that the issue was most likely due to a faulty wireless adapter and send me a new unit. Unfortunately the new unit has the same issue, so now i have two poorly functioning headsets. Perhaps someone can help me out? This is what i have tried so far: - update drivers - update razer synapse - re-install razer synapse - use razer pairing dongle - use razer dongle recovery tool - update windows - use different usb ports - use new dongle with "old headset" (and the other way around) - wired mode (this works fine but thats not why i bought a wireless headset) - play with windows audio device menu Is there anything i have missed?
  2. I find I very strange that your internet provider send someone to talk to you in person, I would assume that if you pay for unlimited data you don't have to worry about this, right?
  3. No luck with either suggestion unfortunately.
  4. Yes it's a 2 in 1, I will try to replace the CMOS battery today and see if it helps
  5. i'm having trouble with a laptop not booting all of the sudden. The model is ASUS TP300L This is what happens: when the power button is pressed the indicator leds will light up for a second and that's it. This is what i tried: remove battery. Complete discharge the laptop. Attempted to boot with out the battery and using the charger. Checked if the display was broken. i dont know what i can try do solve this, anyone with ideas?
  6. ill just delete it and change my password, thanks for the help everyone
  7. thank you for letting me know. i have not used the exact mentioned password for ages so i thought it might have been from some ancient game that was hacked. i will change my password just to be sure though. EDIT: but do you know if it is safe to read the email?
  8. Hi everyone, (first, im not sure if this is the right place to post this) today i found a message in my unwanted emails box, the sender claims to know my password and has written it in the title (see picture) the thing is that the password written there is not a password that is currently in use for my important accounts but it has been some time ago. is this the result of some old database being hacked and this is just to scare people or should i be worried? and can i safely open the email to read the full message? help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. i suppose they have no trial version
  10. becouse it would be usefull to share files between my pc and laptop
  11. Hello people, Im looking for a program that lets me connect 2 pc's like you would have with a dual screen setup. i believe linus did have some advertisements of this sometimes.
  12. The 'new' battery i put in expired on december 2016 but it looks fine and i'm already using it. i guess this topic is solved now, thanks for your help
  13. i just replaced the battery and the clock adjusted to the right time. i replaced the CR2032 with a CR2025, i read this should work just fine, only the capacity is lower with the CR2025. (do batteries have an expiration date?)
  14. i'll have a look if i can find one