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  1. package programmingfundamentals; import java.util.Scanner; public class project1 { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in); int ultraportableLaptopsPrice = 400; int laptopsPrice = 800; int serversPrice = 1200; System.out.println("How many ultraportable laptops would you like to buy?"); int requestedUltraportableLaptops = input.nextInt(); int requestedUltraportableLaptopsPrice = (requestedUltraportableLaptops*ultraportableLaptopsPrice); System.out.println("How many laptops would you like to buy?"); int requestedLaptops = input.nextInt(); int requestedLaptopsPrice = (requestedLaptops*laptopsPrice); System.out.println("How many servers would you like to buy?"); int requestedServers = input.nextInt(); int requestedServersPrice = (requestedServers*serversPrice); int totalAmountOfHardware = (requestedUltraportableLaptops + requestedLaptops + requestedServers); int totalCostOfHardware = (requestedUltraportableLaptopsPrice + requestedLaptopsPrice + requestedServersPrice); System.out.println("Total amount of requested hardware: " + totalAmountOfHardware); if (totalAmountOfHardware <= 5) { System.out.println("No discount has been applied. This is your total price: $" + totalCostOfHardware); } else if (totalAmountOfHardware >= 5 && totalAmountOfHardware <=10) { System.out.println("Here is your total amount with a 2% discount: $" + totalCostOfHardware*.02); } else if (totalAmountOfHardware >= 11 && totalAmountOfHardware <=50) { System.out.println("Here is your total amount with a 7% discount: $" + totalCostOfHardware*.07); } else (totalAmountOfHardware <= 50 ); { System.out.println("Here is your total amount with a 12% discount: $" + totalCostOfHardware*.12); } } } The error is here: else (totalAmountOfHardware <= 50 ); { Is someone able to help me figure out why I'm getting the error "The left-hand side of an assignment must be a variable"?
  2. Friend already has. Just need the PC parts. Monitors are taken care of aswell
  3. Hi everyone, Can somebody link me a PCPartpicker list for a $2000 USD build? Use for the PC will be gaming. Thank you.
  4. Okay, I'm not sure if I'm going insane or whatever but I cannot find a dual subwoofer cable. I need a subwoofer cable that has two ends on both sides. I've looked all over Amazon and other websites and I cannot find it for some unknown reason. https://www.amazon.com/Deep-Sonar-Subwoofers-Headphone-Microphone/dp/B0757YCTH4/ref=sr_1_sc_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1510941457&sr=8-3-spell&keywords=alrion+legacy I currently have this set and it comes with a dual subwoofer cable with two ends on both sides. I accidentally broke the cable and it now doesn't work and I need a replacement. Can someone please link one to me.
  5. Well, there's my hardware porn for the day. Thanks! In all seriousness, this is a very beautiful build.
  6. What I'd do is I'd take out the GPU, or any other device plugged in your PCI ports, from the build and wrap it up tightly with bubble wrap and tape it tight so it won't unravel and put it somewhere safe where it won't move as much on the trip. Also taking out the CPU and doing the same thing just in case would be my next suggestion including the cooler you have. As for everything else, it should just be your motherboard, RAM sticks, Storage, and PSU. These all should be screwed and locked in tight and shouldn't move dangerously. Just leave your case side panel on during the trip.
  7. There's this list here on the forums. It's sort of old but should still hold up. I think there's an updated one but I don't remember who posted it.
  8. Vercii

    Can I Run This?

    Possibly, it'll probably be a little choppy but doesn't hurt to try.
  9. I mean...I'm sure he'll be mindful enough to take it off for that period of time but this has happened many times before and he's usually outside all day in the garden and my grandmother doesn't always like to be outside as much as he does.
  10. Hi everyone, Recently my grandfather has been having some heart issues and collectively as a family, we decided to search for an app for iOS or Android (preferably iOS) that can detect if his heart rate is abnormal and will notify us if he's unconscious, incapacitated or under any duress. We've already planned on ordering him an Apple Watch but we're open to any other products that can do what we're trying to get. Please post any suggestions that you have. Thanks.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm doing some late-night Amazon shopping and I'm in the market for finding some new speakers for my PC setup. I'm thinking about getting these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U7HQWU8/ref=crt_ewc_img_srh_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A35IHEXR76RHMZ. They seem really good but I'm wondering if there are any other ones around this price point( ~$100) that may be better? I'm open to all suggestions. I can go maybe a little bit over $100 but please not too much. Thanks.
  12. Oh god you better delete that post.
  13. Just be careful when buying off of eBay..I've seen multiple scammers on eBay selling SSDs for cheap and it ending up being fake.