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  1. Not played fortnite since the start of the new year. Went to play the new season I'm crashing while I'm in the bus or gliding down to the island. I have reinstalled my gpu drivers using DDU, Reinstalled fortnite, Reinstalled Battleye, Windows 10 is fully updated. My GPU/CPU temps are fine. Also moved the game from my SSD to HDD and still happens. I've not changed any ingame settings or any settings on my PC during the time I've not played. After 30seconds or so a window pops up saying " The application has hung and will now close. We apologize for the inconvenience" and fortnite closes down. At a loss right now, Can only think of reinstalling windows..
  2. I did think that but she may be able to push to 1500 budget
  3. Got a mate who wants to buy her first gaming pc. Budget is £1200. She wants to play the latest games at 1440p so was looking at a 2070/80. Any suggestions are much appreciated
  4. It was since the start of x. They released a patch few days in to fix the stuttering which helped but not perfect. Maybe kt is just the game
  5. A bottleneck thats only occurred within the past 2 weeks? Is that a thing?
  6. Past 2 weeks or so I've noticed stuttering in fortnite. I play on 1440p all low settings apart from view distance which is on max. Every few minutes my GPU usage drops from 50-70% down to about 30% or lower for a split second which is causing the game to stutter. I've reinstalled the game on two different SSDs, Used older GPU drivers. Changed the power plans on windows and nvidia but still not fixing it. Shadowplay is disabled PC specs - i7 6700K Asus Maximus Viii Hero 980 TI EVGA Hybrid 32gb DDR4 Corsair Any more information just let me know. At a lost here. Tested with Witcher 3 and no useage drops. Ran Heaven benchmark and gpu was pinned at 99% as it normally is during the bench. Only option I can think of is a fresh install of Windows.
  7. Well I went to update the bios and it started up fine, Restarted again and fine. Turned off pc and back on booted up fine.. Not a clue but seems fixed...
  8. I've set the settings to default but still happens. I'll look at upgrading the bios as my version is from 2016.. Nothing is overclocked. Never used memtest, Heard it takes hours/days to complete. Is that still the case?
  9. Past few days my PC only boots to bios. I have to click on exit save changes and reset then it boots in to windows. My motherboard is the Asus Maximus VIII Hero bios version - 1701, The boot order is correct. Any ideas?
  10. Yeah I'm going to order the white 750. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. The 550w is £77 with Prime, The 750 is £95 with prime. The 650 costs more than the 750(go figure). Looking at the above comments the 550w will be fine with current spec. If I upgrade in the future would the 550w still cut it or would it be wise for the extra £18 get the 750? orrrr the 750 in white is £115 and looks really nice with the white cables.
  12. Thanks all for the quick replies. Going to go for a RMx I think!
  13. £150 or so. Just been googling that PSU and a lot of sites are saying It's discontinued
  14. I've had my PSU for a long time now, I want to say close to 10 years?? It's still running but It's getting loud and I think It's time to replace. I'm currently using the Corsair HX850. Specs: 6600k cooled by a X62 16gb Ram 980ti Hybrid Got 2 SSDs and one HDD Looking at getting a PSU that will be very quite under load. I've heard that psus can turn off the fan while at idle or low usage which would be a nice option. I've had my corsair for many years and it's done very well for me but I'm open to over manufactures.