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  1. Yeah me neither, theres just a bit of resistance to the screws you know, doesnt seem as smooth as say screwing a hard drive to the case for example, but I guess if people are saying it's fine then I guess it's fine
  2. I've tried screwing the screws directly into the psu without the case and it still feels the same. What do you guys mean by untapped? Like they need a bit of effort to properly tighten them on? The bottom right screw also seems to hit a piece of plastic behind it when I screw it all the way, I think its plastic shielding or something. Is that normal?
  3. I'm trying to install this psu in my case but the holes for the screws at the back feel tight when I try to screw in the screws that came with the power supply so any idea? The screws thread about half way before requiring a good amount of force to screw them on all the way. I've attached a picture, maybe I'm screwing the screws in the wrong holes?
  4. Yeah, it does look like one of those unbranded ones that's thrown in the pc case for filler. The motherboard I'm using is this: It supports the i7-4770k but I just wanted to double check before splashing out on a new PSU
  5. Hi guys, I've got an i7-4770k installed, I'm using the on board graphics of the motherboard, don't have any led's in the system, 1 sata 5.4k rpm hard drive, and I was wondering what the minimum PSU wattage needed is? The case comes with a 240w PSU, would that be enough or do I need to upgrade it? I've had a look around but everyone is using an external graphics card while I'm not.
  6. Isn't your cpu under volted tho so it uses less power?
  7. So you got a $409 discount on that laptop for black friday? Damn, I wonder if they'll do similar deals here in the uk
  8. Just wondering if it's possible to find an i7 7700hq laptop for around £700? I've seen something like the dell inspiron gaming get close but that was £779, anyone got any ideas?
  9. Ohh damn, that's actually worrying as hell. I thought the "u" prefix on processors meant they were really underpowered compared to those with "HQ"? 7% seems like there's virtually no difference
  10. Ohh they are U processors tho so not that powerful for what I'm looking for compared to a 7700hq for example. Thanks tho!
  11. Wait hang on lol, the 1060 in the 7577 isn't a normal 1060? god damn it, so that essentially means I'm only getting a slight improvement over having a 1050ti
  12. Ohh I see I see, Personally, I'd rather have a one machine does all kind of thing going on but I know that's not always possible and so on. But lol I can't deny, your current gaming setup is pretty insane.