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  1. Hi, so I’m going to build a new pc with Fractal Node 202. I don’t want to use the intel stock cooler. At first I want the cryrorig C7 but it’s unavailable everywhere in my place. So, is there any alternative than the c7. Thanks in advance
  2. Umm, I kinda dont want the S9 because I'm scared that the battery life will be bad like my S7.
  3. Hi, so I've been using my galaxy S7 for 2 years now, and I'm looking for a new phone. I still like the phone but the headphone jack is broken, the camera is dusty, and just look at the back So, my criterias are: has GOOD battery preferably has a headphone jack decent camera FOr now, I decide to get OP6, but I'm scared that my country might not get it. I also dont want another samsung phone because their pre-installed apps are just too much and the performance after a year just turns really bad. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, so this morning, i just realized that my earphone does not work on the right side when I plug it to my S7. But when I plug it to my laptop, it works completely fine. I don't know what happen but do you guys have any idea? Thanks
  5. ok, btw i have no idea what i just do but the system file shrink to 40 GB Thanks for your help!
  6. ok, so if you add all of the size up, there is no way it could take up 300+ GB, other method?
  7. i tried but i still don't know what took a lot of space, but the storage indicator says its the system.
  8. Ok, thanks. btw, finally some REAL answer. but do you know other method to fix this, thanks
  9. Yes, but the non system files are just like 20 gb, I also cant delete those system files
  10. Hi. So lately I have a problem with my mac. The system files took 300+ GB, now I'm only left with around 4 GB. Right now I'm on macOS Sierra 10.12.1. How do I fix this madness? thanks
  11. How much is the performance boost between the 7500 and 1600? Bc i think i can afford the 1600