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  1. After looking up your motherboard (MSI Z77 Mpower listed on your profile), it's very likely at fault. (the motherboard's onboard audio circuity doesn't seem to be isolated from the rest of the motherboard, which can cause what SSL described. But to eliminate the speaker from the speaker from the issue, you could just try plugging it into another device and attempting to reproduce the same effect. Buying and using either a usb or pcie soundcard should eliminate the issue. (I'd recommend testing the speaker with other equipment, e.g. phone or other pc, before buying a soundcard and I'd also recommend usinga pcie soundcard)
  2. It's probably the speakers. But, if this doesn't happen when plugged into another another 3.5 mm jack on another device, then it's probably your motherboard's build in audio circuity.
  3. You'll need a new case for most gaming gpus.
  4. The restrictions for your gpu are usually the wattage of your power supply and physical restraints in your case. Another one would the power of your cpu as a low power cpu could bottle neck your game performance.
  5. The 1080 can also be seen as being more future proof then the 1070.
  6. Really depends on whether you plan on going back to an older os or not. (I'd just get rid of any older versions if I didn't plan on going back)
  7. From a person who only uses an ipad. The most, and probably only interesting thing, in my opinion, was the new imac pro (mainly because of the inclusion of a xeon and high end spec) . Apples also late to the party with quite alot of their new products (such as the homepod, vr, external graphics and making multitasking on ipads better). The new watch faces were mostly awful looking or pretty useless. The new ios control panel looks awful. The "files" application is a weird but welcome move for ios. The way that external graphics (through thunderbolt) seemed to be locked down to only an apple selected gpu in an apple dock was to be expected. The fact that they're starting to support vr seemed like they were telling you to either go buy a high end end mac or buy their external gpu. And the rest didn't gain my attention or memory.
  8. If you can afford it, go for the Strix 1080.
  9. It's the full desktop version, nvidia seems to have retired their mobile range of processors.
  10. Ram height on the bottom, it will work.
  11. Nope, they just don't review many motherboards.
  12. There is an audible click and it honestly feels a lot like a mechanical keyboard.
  13. or it could be something worse. "crackling sound" is a bit vague to come up with an answer
  14. Just a warning, don't use too much force on it, motherboards can be fragile.
  15. The Titans are always in a tier of their own and I'm just not going to mention other ranking systems like price to performance.
  16. While it should do, this goes into more detail http://www.samsung.com/my/support/warranty/ And the most important thing to keep in mind is that their product Warranty Excludes the Following 1. Buttons, housing and other external attachments, consumables parts 2. Cracked LCD except at the point of purchase 3. Carrier related issues (eg SIM card, availability, coverage, service, range, etc.) 4. Memory Card, Stylus Pen, Pouch Which this shouldn't come under, so it is covered.
  17. That wouldn't make any sense, intel is an American company and you don't usually get American companies launching outside of America before in America, if anything the opposite is quite common. And it just hasn't, all my sources for product don't have it (England btw)
  18. This list will give you an idea of the max amount of monitors supported by each amd gpu series http://support.amd.com/en-us/search/faq/151
  19. It's worth it, at least to the 4790k, there's less of a gap for the 4770k so that's down to your own opinion and I wouldn't see that as worth it at least.
  20. that's about right. at least for the original ps4, the pro and s are somewhere in-between
  21. bring it to a Samsung repair shop. The heat could be causing more damage