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  1. I was able to determine that the temperatures in my room reached a peak of 40C last night and as well today. I've been sitting here in the basement (the coldest room in the house) and am currently sitting at 41C after watching a few 4K YouTube videos. I still have not seen the temps go lower than 39C (Which is miles better than last night) Ran another instance of AIDA64 and it's topping out at 75C on Power Saver and 85C on Max Performance. The idles are much improved from working in my hot room last night.
  2. Doing yet another AIDA64 run as I write this. Hitting max 82C now on average. And floating between 2.6 - 2.83GHz. Not sure if that's good but after a BIOS Update, it seems to cap out at 91C and then throttles up to 13%. Super bummed. I might go fight back for my money and reevaluate my options.
  3. I completely forgot about Eurocom. Their offices are 15 minutes from my house.
  4. I didn't even care for the dGPU. I just wanted the Quad Core i7. I thought the dGPU would be a little bonus. I'd much rather have just the Quad Core i7 and no dGPU because I don't plan to do any gaming on it whatsoever. It was purely for work. I have a Gaming PC at home.
  5. Thanks. I was hoping to get something thin, light and powerful but it seems like you have to make a choice.
  6. I didn't buy the ZenBook for gaming though. I bought it for VM work and Networking as part of college course.
  7. I did extensive research on the Dell XPS 15 but in the end was put off by its higher price tag and what sounded like both bad QA and QC. The ZenBook Pro was more of a 24-hour research thing and I thought that because it had similar specs but was made by ASUS (a company who I thought would be more reputable), I'd have better peace of mind. If I had known what I know now, I would've gone with the XPS 15. I won't be able to get to NCIX for a few days as the folks need the car but I'll be making a trip back as a very unsatisfied customer.
  8. If I were to return it, NCIX would charge a 15% restock fee. They'll replace it, because I also got the 3 year extended warranty, but they won't take it back without me losing money in the process. It seems either way I'm screwed. I was never going to attempt a repaste, mainly because I don't have a Torx T5 screwdriver and that I do value the warranty. I read the reviews for it and it sounded great but after buying it the heat leaves something to be desired. I was originally going to get a Dell XPS 15 but was put off by the people saying that Dell had poor QC and QA. Now I'm hearing that ASUS is just as bad. I've almost never had a positive experience with Windows Laptops (or Mac's running Windows for that matter). I just wanted something decently powerful for my College Systems Technician course so I didn't have to rely on Remoting into my home PC. I just feel like I'm stuck in a bad position.
  9. The only thing I manage to find is about the previous generation model. Regardless, it seemed to suffer from the same issue. Notebookcheck.net said that the CPU would fluctuate around 2.6 - 2.7GHz with core temps around 84C doing just a CPU stress test. That was on an i7 4710HQ. I have an i7 6700HQ. However, I was getting the same result. It also said that it would run even further under spec when running both GPU and CPU benchmarks, 1.8GHz to be exact. So naturally, I fired up FurMark as well. It ran under the the base 2.6GHz but it ran at the lowest 2.2 - 2.3GHz, still better than what was reported. I also noticed that my CPU was having little fluctuations (see attached image) and that now AIDA64 was only reporting a 1% throttle. Temps remained the same and it peaked around 85C just like the review. They seem to think it's a firmware imposed limitation the 85C max. But, judging by this review (the only one I've found that managed to review the thermals this extensively), this machine seems to run a bit toasty. And at this point it can't be the 30 (before humidity) degree weather when it's had a fan pointed at it for over an hour.
  10. I've had a fan in front of it for the past 15-20 mins and the temps have dropped to about 48C at the lowest at idle. I'm rerunning AIDA64 and it's getting up to 80C average (with it topping out at 87C) at load. The throttling has also reduced from 11% to 4%.
  11. It's averaging 56C and maxing out at 86C at load. It's currently almost 30C in the house.
  12. I purchased an ASUS ZenBook Pro today. It's really nice and super fast. It features a i7 6700HQ, 960M, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. However, AIDA64 is noticing that it's currently overheating and therefore throttling the CPU. I'm not sure if it's because of the heat of the Canadian Summer (We are currently in a heat wave) and that I don't have AC in my house. I'm really hoping that it's not a manufacturer defect. Any thoughts?
  13. What you and I have probably seen is a select few machines that come with issues. It could very well be subjective issues. I know that the MS Store also has Signature Editions of the XPS 15 and I have heard they go through a round of MS QC on top of whatever Dell does. Something that could be helpful for peace of mind.
  14. I'm not at all concerned about power. Carrying the adapter is not an issue and I could even go for the 1080p screen (although I would like a notebook with a touchscreen) to save even more power.
  15. There's only one thing I'm worried about when it comes to the XPS 15. I've heard many horror stories. It could be that r/Dell became a dumping ground for peoples problems and they're not as large as I might think they are but some people find that Dell has some QA and QC problems (especially this guy).