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    Southern Germany
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    Music, both making and listening.
    Gaming and building the platform to do so.
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    AMD FX-4100 OC @ 4x 4GHz
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    24Gig DDR3
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 390X 8GB OC
  • Storage
    Samsung 256 GB 850 Pro + 128 GB 830
  • PSU
    530 W be quiet
  • Display(s)
    23,5" Samsung @ 2048 x 1152
  • Cooling
    Scythe Mugen
  • Keyboard
    Cherry MX - Red Switches
  • Mouse
    Logitech G700s
  • Sound
    Steinberg UR12 + DT770Pro + Rode NT1A
  • Operating System
    Windows 7

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  1. That worked perfectly... This stupid Catalyst Center...
  2. Thanks, I'll try that. I only checked with the Catalyst Center and it confirmed that it should be the most recent version but that ist 16.3.2.
  3. Oih guys, I just started playing DOOM and tweaked a little in the settings. After changing OpenGL to Vulkan and restarting the game. it starts black and stays like that... (Maybe because of my slow FX4100... But an upgrade is on its way!) Does anyone now how to reset the settings? The directory C:\Users\"USERNAME"\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base in which I can find the DOOMConfig.cfg doesn't contain any grafical settings to reset/tweak... Maybe someone can upload the original file or something... Steam can't find anything and I don't want to reload everything of the 50GByte yet. I would be glad to be able to play further than the first level! Thanks in advance! DarkJShadow
  4. My room only allows a short projector to be placed... The ceiling is so weak... Would be nice to have one!
  5. It was right after the first sidequest for the foreigners. At first there was no issue but after restarting the game a few days after, the frames dropped. The mission before even included explosion and a lot of snow and I didn't have any issues...
  6. I guess that it is due to the fact, that the people have seen so many demos with the older models or the Oculus. The main benefit of the Vive is definitely the ability to move and walk around. The testers are all promoting it a bit, too. So they'll show the one thing the vive is much better than the Oculus and that is while not sitting. I bet that the normal sitting headmovement tracking will work, it does so even while walking. Since the Vive does support the open Steam VR, that will be no problem. Even for the "exclusive" content of the Oculus, since we are on PC, there'll be cracks or mods to use the Vive on Oculus only titles, too. I expect the first VR models will be buggy at first. But I am good at googleing (or as others say I am good with technology...), so that hopefully won't be that much of an issue for me.
  7. I just did a cleanup on my system as I got a new SSD with my GPU. The card is factory overclocked by Sapphire, as far as I know. I didn't change anything. But since then there was an installement of the AMD Gaming Center or something. I'll test it later, whether that has an impact on it or not. I also did a complete reboot of the system several times. I play via keyboard and mouse. The game itself doesn't stutter with the audio. It just had constant 22fps on every graphics setting and only gets to 28/30fps at the lowest setting. Even my old HD 7850 could do better... Thanks for your help so far! Maybe in some time it will be solved...
  8. But you think there is no other reason beside the CPU, that the frames dropped so suddenly for no apparent reason?
  9. It doesn't have PCIe 3.0 though, but that should only impact it slightly. (And should be recognized at the other games, too.)
  10. So you would say only changing the CPU could change the fps performance? I ran Unigine, Witcher 3, Shadow of Mordor and ARK (which is really bad balanced - just to see) and everywhere it ran pretty well (+45fps at high settings.). I know the new Tomb Raider is quite demanding, but since it performed better under same conditions (I started a new game just for comparisson) I would assume there is something else wrong. Could be the CPU, yes. But I would have to wait for my next paycheck to get another one... (Would go for an 8 Core AM3+ then...)
  11. Like I said, I know that. I loose approximately around 10 fps or less for only having that one. But the thing is it ran at 45fps at the best settings a few days ago for the few hours playing. The CPU could actually handle it quite well. Suddenly it should be to less?
  12. The driver was updated, yes. But only after the Issue occured. So I would assume it is not the reason...
  13. Like I said, I could play it at the best settings at 45fps constantly. Witcher 3 runs at 45fps in Ultra settings constantly, too. So I would say the CPU should be enough. (Not said, that it would push the performance by having a better one. ) The performance only suddenly dropped. That's what's mocking me...
  14. Hello guys, as I started playing the game today I recognised a really stuttering performance and tested the fps settings. With fraps I have ~23fps constantly at the best preset settings. But as I do lower the settings it always stays at the 23fps or below framerate (at the lowest it is around 28 fps). I have a Quadcore with 3,9GHz and a R9 390X and 24Gigs of Ram. I'm playing on a 2048x1152 resolution. The game should run fluid at over 40 fps at the best settings at least. The day I got it, it performed at that performance and I did not change anything whatsoever... Other games work fine and at constant 60fps (e.g. Witcher 3) I restarted the PC, reinstalled the game and nothing changed... Do any of you have an idea what I could do? I mostly bought the game for looks (not only though ), but this laggy gameplay is not really fun, if you actually should have the right hardware to not have to experience that...