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  1. I mean for dropping it and only having such a little scratch, even though its crippling it, is pretty good for such a heavy card.
  2. yeah he kinda gets scatter brained sometimes and just moves to quickly. I think this was when he was building his 8k work computer.
  3. Yes its quiet unfortunate
  4. yeah, trying to get as many different ideas as I can before start working on it.
  5. He was holding a few graphic cards in his hands and dropped it.
  6. Cool, thank you for the information!
  7. We tried, they said pci damge = no warranty I'm actually trying to see how much I can save on this card cause I'm just trying to sell it off for some scrap change.
  8. I'm kinda thinking the same thing. I might have to open it to see that.
  9. Hey guys I have a Gigabyte GTX 1080ti that was dropped. My buddy dropped it, its his card, and chipped/shaved off the tip of the PCI connector. It does not boot in to windows do to it but there is fan spin. Now I'm curious if anyone had any history with this kinda of problem. I heard that I could tape off the tip and it would be reduce to a 4x, how true is that? Either way here are some pics and thank you for any help. the rest of the pci connector is un damaged
  10. So this video had struck a cord with me. I have a pretty powerful pc and was thinking can I use my desktop to run my games for me when I am out and about on my laptop? If I could what programs do I need? How can I go about getting this idea to work? the parts I have is i7 5930k asus x99 ws 32g ddr4 2x titian (watercooled) 1000w psu 840pro 512g ssd 2x 1tb hdd windows 10