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    Kingstone HyperX Fury blue 2x4GB
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  1. I have small problem with my php contact form code. I have my site using diacritics which does work perfectly. But my contact form input after submitting looks like this "ÄÅ¡Å" after using any [0-9] keys for diacritics. PHP file: <?php $name = $_POST['name']; $email = $_POST['email']; $phone = $_POST['phone']; $service = $_POST['service']; $message = $_POST['message']; $from = $name; $to = 'info@email.com'; $subject = "$name - $service"; $body = "Jméno zákazníka: $name\nE-Mail zákazníka: $email\nTelefonní číslo: $phone\nservice: $service\nZpráva: $message "; if (mail ($to, $subject, $body, $from, $headers)) { $headers = array("Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8"); } else { echo "Failed"; } ?> Output after submitting the contact form: First Last Name Jméno zákazníka: Name E-Mail zákazníka: email Telefonní císlo: phone number service: havárii Zpráva: Ä�Å¡Å� the "headers" as name, email, phone, service, message is written with diacritics BUT then the input for example here: Zpráva: ÄÅ¡Å is not supported for some reason. Also the html file include <meta charset="utf-8">
  2. mikestechs

    Iphone 7 plus Activation Lock problem

    Really not, the real true is that I have been working with this guy that sold me that phone, I know he forget his apple id password and apple wanted to wait 14 days to get the new password. So when the phone was still logged in i transferred his data to the new one and then the old one restore with Itunes. Now I got this.
  3. mikestechs

    Iphone 7 plus Activation Lock problem

    Nope, no possibily of stolen phone. Only think about the phone is that bazaar said that the owner lost his password from icloud so he bought a new phone and sell this one
  4. More of NotAppleFanBoy content. Need help with my new Iphone 7 plus (I bought it from internet bazaar). My problem is that when I turn on the phone, it wants me to choose language and other stuff and then there is screen with login to apple ID tabs but its called "Activation Lock" and it wants me to log in with the old owners email I guess cause none of mine apple IDs worked. No restore in Itunes worked out. Thank you for any answer
  5. Alright well im going for the 720s 14 or Envy 13. Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks so much that 720s 14 is such and amazing device. I have one more question. I really love the 720s 15 with I7300HQ and 1050Ti 4Gbs but my only problem is that it has only 256 SSD m.2 and I cant find if I can add more storage. Also always have external hdd with programs it annoying for me.
  7. PS. One more important thing. I need to carry that laptop in my bag or trips so lighter is better.
  8. https://www.alza.cz/EN/ Here you go. I dont know if there is dollar currency but look for laptop to 30 000Kč. Thanks for any help!
  9. Yeah for sure, Im sorry for maybe bad english. So what Im looking for. Budget is around less than 1000$. Atleast 13" screen, underlight keyboard, number pad would be plus and great caps responsibility. Batter life would be great around 4 hours minimum. Need to work with programs like Adobe Photoshop, really simple work with Sony vegas (im not talking about rendering 4K videos.), Thats basically it. Ps. Czech Republic here.
  10. Hey guys, I have simple question, I wasnt able to find any type of quality review of Lenovo 720s - 15IKB so Im asking here, Which one is better? And Which one should I chose for work, little bit of graphic and programming and allaround quality constructions + long battery life? Thank you!
  11. Hey guys, Im looking for laptop (older or new) for 500-600$. requirements: handle basic programming job (Dreamweaver, PSPad, Netbeans) Ps. Im not talking about big programming, just basic so nothing that hard for memory. Simple work with photoshop (Again, nothing hard to process, im not designer.). But mostly fast environment and smooth work. Num. pad., wifi connection, bluetooth connection, and atlest 15" screen! thanks for any help.
  12. mikestechs

    Can GTX 950 2GB Run tripple monitor setup?

    Amazing! thank you!
  13. mikestechs

    Can GTX 950 2GB Run tripple monitor setup?

    I just need to display stuff haha thanks!
  14. mikestechs

    Can GTX 950 2GB Run tripple monitor setup?

    Okay, thank you, I was just worried that my PC will run slowly
  15. Hey guys, Im currently on double setup with some not high quality monitor - PackardBell and iiyama ProLite E2210HDS and everything works perfectly also Im "rocking" amd athlon x4 860k black edition. I was wondering if I can buy one more hd/fullhd monitor. I have both of them for work so one more would be perfect. Thanks for answers!