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  1. It happens, Sorry to hear your GPU died. What were you using? Pro tip if you buy from Microcenter, you can buy a warranty that covers it completely including tax for very reasonable prices. If something goes wrong, they give you a gift card with all of your money back.
  2. Hi! I have 2 sticks of each F4-3600c19D-GVRB DDR4 3600 8G CL 19-20-20-40 1.35v Jan 2019 And 2 sticks of F4-3200C16D-16GVBK DDR4 3200 8GB CL 16-18-18-38 1.35V Mar 2018 ryzen 2700x msi b350 gaming Mobo and zotac 1070ti I understand the regular rule of faster. Is better. But I was wondering if any of you guys could advise me, is it worth it to OC over pair to 3600 or is there something else I could be doing to utilize all for sticks in a smarter way? I don't really know anything about OC memory but I'm learning now. Sorry I couldn't really find a good thread that I trusted for exactly this scenario
  3. I will check xmp, however it would be strange that it would happen with having done no firmware updates, and shuts down the PC almost in an overload kind of capacity seconds after startup (on first start) or if I OC the CPU.
  4. Updating the bios was the first thing I did. I uploaded cpuid hardware monitor info 1700x temp info.txt That text document is not as clear as it should be. Most cores at idle about 38c, but one for some reason stays 10-15c higher
  5. Hey Guys, I need a little help diagnosing my PC. I am not sure if my AIO pump quit, my PSU is dieing, or if there is something else happening. When I first start my PC up it will often shut off within seconds, then work if I start it up again. If I OC my CPU it is an instant shutdown. Everything in my PC is less than a year old. 1700x cpu 3200 DDR4 Gskil 240mm AIO corsair 750 watt Thermaltake PSU Gigabyte B350m motherboard Zotac 1070 ti
  6. This may be exactly what I was looking for! It looks 90% there at first glance! Thank you all!
  7. Thank you GTX and RollinLower, you both have been great assets.
  8. I have been lucky in the fact that military members can buy office (two licenses) for $10.00 each, so I have it installed on my comp.
  9. I do have PowerPoint (legit copy). Though I have little experience with creating a timeline using it. I was hoping for a document that would allow me to visually separate years and events within those years highlighting specific headlines. This program may not exist in which case any suggestions (or links) you could provide would be very much appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the rapid reply GTX, I didn't realize this had already posted I was editing the post I will check that link out right now
  11. Hi guys, I have been around LTT for years but rarely post. I find myself in a situation where I need some help and have little knowledge. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may be able to provide. The long and and short of the situation is I have recently found myself in a divorce situation, I have been locked out of my own house and my wife is spreading lies about me to protect herself and keeping my son from me. I am not mentioning this for any kind of sympathy only to mildly stress the importance and time sensitive nature of the situation. Everything will turn out well in the end, I just have to be able to show a timeline of what has really happened. Here is where I'm hoping one of you can help. I am needing to create a timeline. But I have no idea what program I need. I have tried to research things like adobe but nothing is clear that it will work. I have listed what the program needs to be able to do below. Timeline starting from the date I first got with her to today, and modifiable I need to be able to click specific boxes that will show and remove specific headlines. Times I contacted my son Times we went to counseling Dates of phone calls I need to be able to reference or add specific media such as audio clips or text messages. If I can only reference them that would be ok, but I would prefer to be able to insert them. etc. This timeline will be used to show the course of events leading up to today. Lastly I need a suggestion for editing audio/video clips for this project. Funds are not exactly flowing right now so money is a factor, however I will spend what I need to in order to make this an effective document. Thank you again for any help you may be able to provide.