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    z370 Hero Maximus X
  • RAM
    32GB 3000mhz DDR4
  • GPU
    Asus Strix 2080 ti
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    Corsair 460x
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    Samsung 960 Evo 500gb
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    650w EVGA G3
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  1. If you're having issues with your monitor, then I would take a stab at the Alienware then... $575 is a pretty solid deal.
  2. If you have nvidia, then yes. Gsync is well worth it.. Also $575 is a pretty good deal on that monitor. If you have AMD, then I'd stick with your current as it has freesync. Otherside of things, if there is nothing wrong with your monitor.. then I wouldn't worry about swapping screens.
  3. Atreyix

    Audio Switch?

    Hey all, I'm not that advanced into this type of thing so I am posting hoping someone can help me, I am seeing if there is a switch of some sort that can plug into the PC, so I can plug in my USB gaming headset, and my 3.5 speakers into this switch.. So I can switch between the two seamlessly devices without going into windows and swapping audio sources. Any help? Thanks!
  4. Atreyix

    Vmoda M-100

    Hello all, I have a opportunity to potentially get a pair of Vmoda M-100... Are they worth it? Want other people's opinions rather then reviews. Reason I ask is I can get these at about $150.. I'll be using these to game, listen to music, and talk on discord(with the vmoda mic attachment). Any opinions on these?
  5. Atreyix

    RX vega vs Pro Vega question

    Perfect, thank you.
  6. Hey all, Quick question relating to series of the Radeon cards... Is the Vega 64 considered a "Radeon Pro Vega"? Going to be gifting FFXIV for someone but they're on mac and have a vega 64 on a egpu and the devs have a warning stating: "IMPORTANT: We have confirmed an issue in which action icons fail to display on Macs using Radeon Pro Vega graphics cards. Because this affects game play, we advise caution if attempting to use this hardware to play FINAL FANTASY XIV. " Does the RX vega 64 fall under the Pro Vega? I couldn't find an exact chart of what is what.
  7. Atreyix

    Cables from g3 650w / 850w

    My OC on my 8700k and my old 1070 ti was fine, ran perfectly fine. Now with my 2080 ti and my OC on the cpu, when I load up anything intensive, like BF5 after 2-3 minutes I bluescreen. Took the OC off, now running fine.
  8. Atreyix

    Cables from g3 650w / 850w

    My pc isnt updated, i apologize. I now have a 2080 ti with my 8700k. That is the reason I want a bigger psu. 650w is hitting the limits. Now... will the cables work between the two models?
  9. Hello all, Quick question before i pull the trigger on buying a new psu. I currently have a 650w g3 psu, will those exact cables work with the 850w g3 model? Can I just unplug and plug in the new psu without rerouting all my cables?
  10. Atreyix

    Which 2080 Ti?

    Yeah I totally understand its $300 cheaper.. but if I'm buying a $1000 piece of equipment.. I would like to actually look at it and be thrilled XD instead of ehh.. welll this one WASSS cheaper, it works i guess.
  11. Atreyix

    Which 2080 Ti?

    I was totally going to get the black edition, Im just not a fan of the new EVGA theme
  12. Atreyix

    Which 2080 Ti?

    That's my current dilemma haha, I'm a Asus fan, but that aorus card looks awesome.
  13. Atreyix

    Which 2080 Ti?

    I am going to be buying a 2080 Ti tomorrow morning... Debating between the Strix and Aorus... Opinions? I know performance they're pretty close. Down to the details I found that the strix in performance mode is the coolest 2080 Ti card by air. But putting that aside, Opinions on which I should get? Strix: LINK Aorus: LINK
  14. Hello all, I'm about to order my 2080 Ti this week, and had a thought of possibly also ordering the 9900k. I currently have a 8700k which runs fine. I currently have someone willing to buy my 8700k for $300, so it would be about ~$200 difference for me to buy a 9900k if I go through with it. Would the 9900k be worth it now and possibly more later on or should I stick with my 8700k? Just for gaming purposes. Any thoughts or suggestions? Paired with a 1440p 144hz gsync monitor. Thanks!
  15. Atreyix

    MSI GS65 Stealth Creaking

    If you can return it still, that's the easiest fix.