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    Intel Core i5-5200U
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    12GB DDR3
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    Intel HD Graphics 5500
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  1. Mine's not as good as some of you 'muricans
  2. cferns1

    Games Kids Should Not be Allowed to Play?

    One of my friends at school (we're both 16) plays CSGO , Just Cause 3, some horror game (I can't remember off the top of my head) and GTA V all the time, and he is the calmest, most reserved person I have seen in my school, and only gets into fights if needs be, like if someone started trying to fight him. So I agree with you there, that violence in games does not make kids violent. This is the same with multiple people in my school, they have been playing the likes of COD and Battlefield since their initial release, and they aren't violent at all
  3. Hi! So I have on my laptop (see profile for specs) 3 virtual machines, 1 windows 10, 1 server 2012, and 1 pfsense router. No matter what network configuration in the settings I choose, the virtual machines don't pick up my home network. Can someone help please? EDIT: As I was writing this article McAfee informed me that my windows 10 machine connected to the network, and I can see it on my router's gateway, but cannot access the internet from the machine itself. Neither the pfsense machine or the windows server 2012 machines are running. The win 10 network configuration machine is configured at the moment is attached EDIT2: The win-10 machine has started working, can access the internet and appears on my router, but the other machines aren't working still.
  4. cferns1

    Experiences with non-techies

    I don't know what version of office she is using, but the max space office is taking up on my laptop is like 3GB
  5. cferns1

    Experiences with non-techies

    I looked at this, and although he is saying it's fast because it has a 4gb card in the system, it can run what he specified, but only at minimum settings. Cities Skylines only needs a GT 260 or HD5670 However, he is saying it is great for under $500 but the graphics card, psu, case, and dvd drive do not have a price linked to them, soooo I dread to think of the games that he is running "amazing", maybe .... terraria? shower with your dad simulator?
  6. cferns1

    Experiences with non-techies

    I hadn't read your comment under the video when I watched it, hence why I got really confused when he said to "take out your CPU using the two screws", and goes to a shot of the computer with the cooling fan still attached. Had to come back to your comment and realised why he said that Also, this video is so cringe worthy like omg
  7. cferns1

    Experiences with non-techies

    My friend ordered an i5-4690K and got an i7-4790K from Amazon. I thought he was the only one, but apparently not.
  8. cferns1

    Help with a HTML project

    Yeah, would that work?
  9. cferns1

    Help with a HTML project

    I think so, I just want to be able to show maybe a webpage thats on my phone onto my computer screen
  10. cferns1

    Help with a HTML project

    The latter, I want to be able to cast something from my phone to the screen, is this possible?
  11. cferns1

    Help with a HTML project

    Hi, I have an old unused laptop at home that I want to use as like a kitchen recipe showing thing that I was going to attach to the underside of a kitchen cabine, and I wanted to make a HTML website that the computer automatically connects to when it starts up and you can stream things to it with like a phone/tablet. Is there any way I can implement the streaming from devices? I have the rest of the stuff figured out like the locally hosted HTML webpage. Thanks!
  12. oh, I thought it was when it was going too fast, thanks for telling me what it really is!!
  13. Ah thanks I thought it was throttling or something silly like that! Cheers!
  14. installed, checked it and still is the case http://imgur.com/ZG12V18
  15. Hi! So I was watching the WAN show on my laptop the other day with no other programs running and decided to look at my CPU Usage on Task Manager. I was surprised to see that the current frequency was higher than the max frequency. I have looked again today and it was doing it again. Same thing, was doing nothing other than watching YouTube. Specs of my laptop: Core i5-5200U 12Gb RAM No discrete GPU other than the integrated graphics A picture is attached of the task manager taken on my tablet (sorry about the shitty quality) Is this a problem? Should I be worried about it? Its under warranty as it's a new laptop so it should be fine if it needs fixing Thanks!