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  1. NEW Razer Blade 14 - please pick me Want this laptop to browse reddit and spam Kappa faster.
  2. Gimme gimme.. I want a new SSD cuz my 2 year old ssd works like a potato already.
  3. giff me giff me.. i travel a lot and this would be perfect for my gaming needs. <3 Zotac
  4. Love the Feenix Aria Headset and hope to win this giff away
  5. Hey Guys, Long time lurker first time poster here. I have been having some issue with my cpu recently. It seems to be running in overdrive or something, i cant figure it out. I use my PC mainly for gaming (Dota, CS and such nothing very high end) and I haven't noticed any drop in performance except that the fan makes a fairly loud noise while spinning. I am not sure what the issue is here and I have noticed that if I close down all the applications the fan seems to calm down, so does restarting my PC. I opened my cabinet and did some basic dusting and cleaning, but that did not fix the issue. The PC is about 18 months old and here are some info I was able to collect from CUPID HWMonitor http://imgur.com/xaL4JLa http://imgur.com/BI9MHMP Sometimes the processor (i7 4770) temperature peaks at upto 90 degree C, and averages at 65-70 degree C. Could this be the reason for the fan going crazy? If so, what should I do.. Do I need to get new parts and such? Which ones? PS: I have not done or attempted overclocking of any kind. The only time i open my cabinet once every few months is to clean the dust off the top. Thanks.