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    United Kingdom
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    i5 3570K
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z77A-G43
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    16GB (2x8GB) Corsair DDR3 XMS3
  • GPU
    XFX AMD RX 570 RS Black Edition 4GB
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    Antec 300 Black Mid Tower
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    2 x 1TB Hard drives
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    550W Antec Basiq (Non modular)
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    27" Asus VE278Q
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    Many fans and a stock heat sink.
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    Windows 10
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  1. I'm just glad I brought it to people's attention, though I'm sure they'd have found out eventually.
  2. I tried watching the VLOG from the Wan Show yesterday and the Youtube video is absolutely unwatchable, every 15 seconds it rewinds 5 seconds, making the video almost 3 hours long. None of the time stamps worth either due to the time being broken...
  3. That seems to be in line with a lot of these products above, Windows 10 really did kill Gaming peripherals
  4. It's basically a mouse, right? So you have to keep an upward movement would be required to move forwards?
  5. That wouldn't work for FPS, you'd literally have to keep moving it to keep going forwards
  6. If only the Wolfking Warrior was Mechanical like the AULA Excalibur! Those are all good options but are still laid out like a keyboard, I was looking for something like the Wasdio FPS controller that failed to get support.
  7. I would love a Corsair Gamepad... would patch my Corsair Scimitar beautifully.
  8. Keypads. I absolutely love my Wolfking Warrior: It may look silly, but it is absolutely great, all those keys within quick reach of your hand. Especially the O B right next to the space bar. Unfortunately, they are Membrane, and I've had it a while and no-one seems to be making anything similar to this anymore. Razer make the Orbweaver which is a good product, but it's literally just a keyboard shaped produce, doesn't increase the keys you could potentially press with one hand. Unless anyone knows of anything else I think the industry should make stuff like this again.
  9. I THINK I have been folding for a week or so now, no idea where I can check my results.
  10. They suddenly started working... No idea what I did...
  11. I've restarted, tried another keyboard and the onscreen keyboard none of the enter keys work. But they work on the login screen to make matters even more confusing. Please someone help, my laptop isn't even a year old yet...
  12. Turns out I just needed to clear CMOS and flash the BIOS... It works now! I am very happy!
  13. I bought a new 4GB 570 by XFX in the Black Friday sales this week, I got really excited to use it, only to find that the card powers up, the LED comes on, but no video output at all. I'm not sure if the card is broke or I am missing something... I want to be sure the card is bad before I send it back... I tried using both my PSU's 6+2 PCI-E plugs and also the 2x6 pin to 8 pin adapter, both to the same effect, the card is properly connected to the motherboard and my old card and integrated graphics both work. Card is an XFX 4GB RX 570 RS Black Edition, it's going into an MSI Z77a-G43, the card it is replacing is much more power hungry so it can't be power problems. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  14. Something is seriously wrong with this, if you get it don't spoil it for everyone else...
  15. It's actually very difficult to find a motherboard without a PS2 port.