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Blog Entries posted by Clanscorpia

  1. Clanscorpia
    @Hackentosher Gave me another idea for a project. Designing a case. This would be awesome for learning CAD and to use sketchup. I also forgot to add Eclipse Engine to my project list!
    Project 5: Custom case
    Project 6: Eclipse Engine I 
  2. Clanscorpia
    So I've changed the projects from my original thread. Here are my new projects:
    Project 1: FM transmitter
    Project 2: FM reciever
    Project 3: 8 bit adder
    Project 4: Pi smartwatch
    Those are going to be my original project for electronics. Here are my few projects that are electronics but not related at all to engineering.
    Project 1: Custom painting monitor, keyboard, case, CPU heatsink, and motherboard.
    Project 2: Updating garage setup w/ ITX build
    Project 3: Custom painting old GPU's to make them look dank
    Right now I'm working on getting the components for these projects. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon!