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  1. I am building a custom water cooling pc and ordered 9 of the "AIGO DR12 PRO PC fans" and their controller off aliexpress. The controller that comes with them only controls 8 fans. So I figured out the pin out to use a ESP32 micro controller. The fan connections connect to the hub with 6 pins. Close examination shows 4 pins going to the LEDs and 2 to the fan hub. The fans are 5v aRGB fans. With the tab on the top, the pin out from left to right is Data out Neutral Data in 5v Neutral to fan Power to Fan 5v - 12v Data out and Data in might be reversible, I am not 100% on this and did not test it. What I am doing is using an ESP32 micro controller and this library https://github.com/jasoncoon/esp32-fastled-webserver I am only directly hooking 1 fan to the ESP32 board, then in parallel going into the 8 fan controller that came with the fans. There is a motherboard sync button that passes through my data and neutral to the other 8 fans (in parallel) Feel free to ask any questions, I had looked online for the pin out to these and asked the supplier in China and I could not find them.
  2. Selective focus! Thanks for the competition.