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  1. I finally found the solution it turned out to be a ram issue so i RMA'd the corsair sticks and swapped them with some kingston valueram 2400mhz and everything looks to be running fine (hopefully)
  2. It looks like i found the solution (hopefully) i RMA'd the ram and swapped in some generic green kingston dimms and it looks like the issue is gone Thanks
  3. I dont think there is a faulty slot because i tried all the other empty 3 slots and the issue still exists but as soon as i remove one of the sticks everything is fine
  4. Hello So i already made a post about a massive issue that i faced with my new pc build and it turned out that the solution was removing one of the 8gb sticks of Corsair Vengance RGB Pro @3000mhz from my gigabyte b450 auros elite board. Now im wondering if swapping it with a kit of sk hynix 2400 mhz of 2x8 gb sticks will work fine or if maybe the issue could be solved another way that doesnt involve swapping hardware. Note: Bios has already been updated to the latest version Thanks
  5. Those two and the cinebench open GL test but unigine heaven and 3d mark run perfectly fine
  6. Update: So i replaced the 1070 with the only other gpu i had on hand which was an rx 570 and the issue disappeared, but because the rx 570 is less power hungry than the 1070 i assumed i had narrowed down the issue to either the gpu itself or the psu. So i headed down to my local pc shop and we started by trying the closest gpu to the 1070 they had (a 1070ti) but the issue still remained. At this point we thought the issue was defo just the psu but after replacing the psu with a corsair cx 750 THE ISSUE STILL REMAINED. So far i have removed the gpu and power supply as possible hardware variables but i still haven't found the root of the issue. Could it be ram??? Then again why would using a less powerful gpu get rid of the issue ?!? Idk what to do at this point any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. Im assuming you mean drivers such as the lan and sound drivers if so then yes
  8. I haven't applied any overclock on any part so there is nothing to disable
  9. nvm i tried disabling hd audio bus but the problem still persisits This is starting to worry me a lot
  10. And for some reason the game audio in fortnite doesnt work as well so it might actually be an audio issue
  11. I dont know if this could help but the error code fortnite spits out is LogConsoleResponse: Display: Failed to find resolution value strings in scalability ini. Falling back to default.
  12. Hello So i just built my pc yesterday and ive been facing a major issue where any game I try would run fine for about 10-15 minutes then the game would freeze, I have tried to play fortnite and Apex legends and both have the issue i would appreciate any help. So far i have tried updating the mobo bios and reinstalling windows and wiping and reinstalling drivers using DDU to no avail. Specs Gigabyte b450 aorus elite Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB MSI GTX 1070 Sandisk ssd plus 240gb Evga 750 watt bronze semi modular
  13. Wait hold up are you sure the clips are diffrent?