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  1. Sorry I'm fairly new to bash, can you explain what you mean more? What's an argument?
  2. So I'm on macOS Sierra, and I've installed Wine staging to run some programs. It works great but in order to launch the program, I have to open Wine Staging (which opens as a terminal) then I have to navigate to the directory that contains the .exe or the program and then run wine program.exe. Is there any way to automate this process or install some kind of GUI for Wine Staging?
  3. Well that probably means that you have to simplify each equation and it will have an exponent or something that makes it non linear. Make sure you understand the definition of a linear equation.
  4. So I want to get into emulating retro games, but as a young 'un I wasn't even alive when most of the emulatable consoles were around. So can anyone suggest some great older games? Ideally they would hold up well even today (not graphically obviously, but gameplay wise) Thanks!
  5. So I've decided to get rid of my desktop that I built in 2013, since I use my laptop 99% of the time and rarely game anymore. But I'm not sure where the best place is to try to sell the parts. Ebay is always an option, but is there anywhere else good? Also, is selling parts easier than trying to sell the whole computer? Lastly, I'm the United States, how much should I be trying to get for a GTX 970, a i5 3570K. Are the case and RAM and motherboard even worth selling?
  6. Try channel 36 width 80mhz and ac and n enabled
  7. I have a similar house, what I've found is that those walls kill WiFi signals. Also the WiFi can only be as strong as the client, so if the clients can't yell to the AP any louder than they already are, you will need to have multiple closer APs
  8. Yep. And my sister says her EarPods (same design with wires) fall out all the time. So good luck picking your $169 Airpods out of the gutter while on a run....
  9. Realllyyyyyy don't want to start a flame war here, but..... I'm very aware of the consumer electronics market, my last phone was a Oneplus One that I rooted and installed roms on and everything under the sun, and it definitely had some advantages. It is true that Android phones often get technology before iPhones. But I've made the very conscious decision to use an iPhone as my everyday phone, because during that day when I'm doing more important things than tinkering with my phone, my phone doesn't require attention, it gives me its attention and just does what I want it to do. All of my experiences with android are that at least 1/4 of the time I pick my phone up to do something it doesn't quite do it correctly or as quickly as I'd like. As unimportant as this may be, it's super annoying to send a snapchat and later look and see that it failed to send. I'm not saying that Android sux or no one should use it, what I'm saying is that generally when Apple implements some tech late, they usually do it in a way that works very well. ALL OF THAT BEING SAID! The iPhone 7 looks terrible and the lack of a headphone jack + the absurd $169 Airpods are quite bad and I will be buying neither of them. But there are legitimate reasons to use Apple products.
  10. I've managed to get 80mb/s on my 200mb/s TP link power line adapters. Something that helped hugely is to not plug anything else into that same outlet, even if no power strip is used, also try moving to different rooms. For me sometimes closer does not equal faster.
  11. Yeah, so it seems like iPhones do this pretty well, my mom's Surface also does it pretty well. MacBooks need the WiFi turned off and then back on when switching access points unless the connection is totally lost. Not sure if this is going to be viable. I might just need to get another Unifi. Both of the networks are 5Ghz and it seems like making the settings as similar as possible (other than channel) seems to help with more seamless switching.
  12. This is all very interesting! I decided to spend my Saturday morning setting this up, and so far it's been pretty good but a little inconsistent. Before today I was using an RT-N66U as the router with WiFI off and a Ubiquiti AC Lite as the wireless access point. Do to the old nature of my house it has some walls that totally destroy a wireless signal, even 15 away from the access point, hence why I need WiFi coming from different points in the house. With the use of minimum RSSI and turning down the TX power of the radios it seems to switch quickly enough for buffered video or web browsing not to be interrupted. I did walk around on a VOIP call and the first time I switched access points the call broke up for 30 seconds but after that it switched very smoothly. These are both pretty nice pieces of equipment, so maybe that's why? Ideally I'll get another Unify AC Lite soon and make this a non issue. But I wanted to do this for $0.
  13. So I've noticed that the new thing in WiFi is having a couple of WiFi access points instead of one big router. Products like Eero and Ubiquiti Amplifi are examples of this. What I'm wondering is, could I use various wireless gear I already own, (access points and routers) and give them all the same SSID and password and get the same effect? My main concern is that the devices won't switch from access point to access point seamlessly.I know that high end gear like Ubiquiti's Unifi gear has the zero handoff feature, but do these other products do smart managing of the devices? Any advice on how to set this up?
  14. So I'm not sure what materials my house is made of, but there are a lot of strange behaviors by my wifi. The weirdest though is this: my current access point is a unifi AC Lite, when I'm in the same room as the access point I get full signal strength, if I move into the next room I drop to like half strength, but if I move into the room after that, my signal goes BACK UP to like 75%. I don't understand how this works, does anyone understand how this works?
  15. I'll uh, take it off your hands seriously though, give eBay a shot!
  16. So based on a few websites it seems like I'm getting between 13-25ms of latency, that's pretty good right? Is there a best website to test that? Any tips to lower latency?
  17. It's 5GHZ and that app shows only 2 other 5ghz networks in my area, so no interference.
  18. No, this is on a variety of devices, I personally use a combination of chrome and safari, but my other family members on android and Windows and iOS and macOS have the same thing
  19. No, I've read that doesn't work well, right?
  20. I've used speedtest.net, fast.com and testmy.net, they all give around 80-90 Mbps
  21. So I have an RT-N66U and what I've noticed is that while my speed tests easily hit my max speed of 90mbps when I'm actually browsing things are really pretty slow, even just scrolling down Facebook images don't load or take a long time too. I don't really get this, is there some settings that can help with this?
  22. Well in order to switch to Verizon I'd need most of my family to get new phones so I doubt that will happen soon. Just wondering why t-mobile has been sucking.
  23. So I hopped on the bandwagon and joined t-mobile last fall and it was pretty good! It was definitely better than my old carrier sprint and the LTE is super fast. Over the past few weeks though my sister and I have both noticed that we barely ever have any signal and it's usually a couple bars of 3G. There are places that I definitely had a signal before and now I don't. I did happen to run a speed test in my grandparents house a few months ago and got 85megabit speeds and a few days ago reran it and got between 750kbs speed and 5megabit even though that was on one bar of LTE. It seems really weird and its can't be my phone because my sister is having the same experience. Anyone else been having issues? Also the Pokemon Go data thing has me almost ready to leave them.
  24. So recently Comcast has started offering a 2 gigabit internet speed in my area. Yes, 2000 megabit Internet. Unfortunately it costs $300/month and has a $1000 installation fee. But it got me thinking, how is this possible? As far as i know there is no fiber in my area. So is it possible for coaxial cable to move 2 gigabit speeds? And why is the installation fee so high? also it has a terabyte data cap whereas my current plan has no cap.