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    MSI z97 Gaming 5
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    8gb HyperFury X Black 1866
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    Asus Strix 970
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    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
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    1TB HDD + 250GB SSD
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Really looking into getting a second monitor as of late and I don't plan on gaming on the 4k because I only have a 970 but I'm looking for something with good contrast for enjoying media, you can see my picture you know what kind. I currently have an IPS but compared to a TV I have compared it to the colors seemed washed out so looking for something with a better contrast ratio if possible.
  2. Every time I start my PC I'll open firefox and my home page will attempt to load then just timeout giving me a server not found error. Windows says I'm connect to the internet in network settings. I've already contacted my ISP and they assured me by resetting my connection that it wasn't my internet itself. Wondering why it's taking my PC so long to connect. I have the correct ethernet adapter enabled for my motherboard and I'm not using a VPN or anything.
  3. You know by chance how / if there's a way to set foobar to open in a mini player on desktop? Only plan on using it for one station so a mini player would be neat.
  4. I have my own internet radio station I like to enjoy listening to and was looking for a good player that will let the station link I have (or .m3u files) play in the background of windows 10.
  5. Fixed by doing basically this. Don't know why those BIOS settings got changed in the first place.
  6. Msi gaming 5 motherboard. Normally every time I boot up my PC I'll see the msi logo where I can opt to hit delete to enter bios or f11 for boot menu, and lately my pc has been booting straight to windows login. Now whenever I try and enter BIOS or Boot menu I'm just getting code A9 everytime and the display won't output anything. I've reset CMOS, updated GPU drivers, shut it fully down and tried again but still nothing.
  7. Bunch of errors popping up in the event log on my routers page. Usually I just ignore them, but the fact that multiple phones on my network keep getting disconnected from the wifi on an almost daily basis now and unplugging it and plugging it back in always fixes these issues temporarily but ever since I bought my own router and stopped usinug the one my ISP gave me I have been having issues like this. Sometimes daily but most of the time it's 2-3 times per week. I bought it back in january 2017 and it has been working fine as far as my PC wired connection goes. It's just the wifi drops a lot. It's only a single band router so I only have the 2.4 channel. Do I need a new router or are these errors fixable through tampering with the settings if the errors are even related to the wifi dropping..Any help/feedback is appreciated.
  8. Not using pihole. Just ublock origin at the moment. It's so weird, it definitely has to be a connection thing because chrome did the same thing to a lesser degree. It would load pages without ublock and then once i refreshed ublock would enable almost like it's working too quickly
  9. I have 4 pages auto load on a default open of Firefox. They're not pages that have a ever been a problem loading as far as chrome upon startup, but it's not only that. Even if I switch to singular page upon startup Firefox still has problems connecting to the site. For example I'll go to speed test to test my speed assuming my google search worked and it won't be able to find the server or pages won't connect. I have had the "problem" of browser loading so quick that my PC hasn't connected to Ethernet port yet so it could be that but even when pages somewhat load and don't the rest kind of thing is what confuses me. I upped the amount of tasks Firefox can designate while allowing it to use more memory so maybe that will work but it seems more like an internet connection problem than Firefox itself. After about 1 or 2 minutes everything will load as quick as ever, so it always ends of fine just didn't know experienced this "issue" assuming my pc is booting too quickly to fully connect to the internet. I have latest mobo Ethernet drivers and am using cloud-flare dns and set directly into my router.
  10. I already reset boot priorities in bios to fix... I spend 20 minutes scratching my head thinking, ask the question on the forum then 30 sec later my brain starts working.
  11. I recently installed ubuntu on the other half of my ssd as a backup OS but 90% of the time I'll use windows so I want to know how to get rid of the grub menu and re-apply it if necessary. I installed EasyBCD and all it's telling me is that my default boot is windows 10 (which it's not, if i let grub timeout it boots ubuntu). How do I change to default boot windows and get grub back if I want to?
  12. I just split my hard drives to dual boot windows or ubuntu. I want to store everything likes games and storage on my hard drive instead of my ssd. not really sure how to accomplish this. I've used ubuntu before but that was just off a bootable USB.
  13. I just installed using the creation tool instead of resetting. Will update when I get/if it crashes when I open a game.
  14. a windows re-install didn't work and neither did this delete method.
  15. Thank you so much. Currently I'm backing up my files because I looked at the event logs and saw a bunch about remote user impersonation level impersonator along with all these errors about mtalk.google.com could not resolve dns or something of the like probably because I disconnected my PC from the internet when I saw the prompts about remote access