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  1. 0x2DEADBEEF

    BSOD rig

    Ran a full stress test(GPU, CPU, RAM) fine with safe temps for 30 mins before I closed it.
  2. 0x2DEADBEEF

    BSOD rig

    I'm plenty of miles away from home without my car. Won't be able to check this.
  3. 0x2DEADBEEF

    BSOD rig

    Nope, my little free one landed in the trash(forgot it in my room when packing for college and everything in the room ended up thrown away). PSU is actually a little bit overkill for this build though. I'm going to pretend to know what voltage rails are.
  4. 0x2DEADBEEF

    BSOD rig

    Seems I have made a computer dedicated to BSODing, in unique ways each time. I believe it could be due to the refurbished motherboard. I am running the latest BIOS(2501 if i remember right). I should also mention that this mobo has been trouble. I had to replace the CMOS battery because it kept on loosing the time. It fixed that issue however it still won't let me save any settings in BIOS. Every time I start it up I get a "cannot utilize ASUS core unlocker" Or a "Press F1 to restore BIOS" Originally I just had a 760. To convert to the two 970s I had to get a new power supply and a refurbished motherboard.I also reinstalled windows. Specs listed below. · OS - Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista ? win7 · x86 (32-bit) or x64 ? x64 · What OS was originaly installed on the system? custom build · Is the OS an OEM version (came pre-installed on system) or full retail version (YOU purchased it from a retailer)? full retail · Age of system (hardware) Some components older than others. RAM(4yr est) CPU(1yr). HDD is a refurbished 1.5TB seagate barracuda so it could have issues. I found it in the basement. · Age of OS installation - have you re-installed the OS? Few months old · CPU model - AMD FX-8350 · Video Card model - x2 EVGA Nvidia GTX 970 SCC · MotherBoard - (if NOT a laptop) ASUS M5A99X R2.0 EVO REFURBISHED · Power Supply - brand & wattage (if laptop, skip this) - Raidmaster 850w · System Manufacturer - Custom System dump: https://mega.nz/#!iUd0Vb7S!VQelMxyqFofp_bLc7PHwgd9Jd08375ZydMATpx-6_EY Compilation of BSODs: http://imgur.com/a/raOXs