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    New Zealand
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    Labratory Technician


  • CPU
    i7 5960X
  • Motherboard
    Asus x99 Delux
  • RAM
    32gb DDR4 RipJaws
  • GPU
    2x GTX 980 Ti
  • Case
    Corsair 900D
  • Storage
    5gb HHD, 500gb Evo 850 SSD
  • PSU
    1200P EVGA Supernova
  • Cooling
    Full Custom Loop
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. Cheers mate, you've been a great help and given a me something to think about haha. Much appreciated!
  2. Do you have any recommendations on this? I think if I was to go to atx I would go for something like a cooler master master box or something similar
  3. Cheers man, looks good to me! Do you think this would be overkill or would you say it's a pretty good middle ground? Not wanting something way over the top but also dont want to have to upgrade pieces consistently
  4. I was after something reasonably small that wasnt going to be an eye sore mainly. Last pc I had was massive and just extremely impractical.
  5. Hey guys, Been out of the PC game for awhile, went to console to be able to play games with 95% of my irl mates. Have decided it's time to make my return to PC as I've been missing it alot recently. In doing so I will need to build a new PC as I sold my other one like an idiot. Attached above is a parts list I've put together from a local website over here in NZ. Looks to spend around the 3k mark and still get the best bang for my buck. Primarily the PC will be used for gaming. Cheers in Advance!
  6. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Thats what i like to hear =), And thanks guys i really like the colour too. It will look better with all the components in it though!
  7. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Update 3: Hey guys, how are we all today? So today i got my case back from the painters! A couple of days late but hey atleast its done haha. Now i can finally start making some more progress on my build, and i can't wait. Having the components sitting their ready to go in was just mean haha. Anyway, heres so pictures. Enjoy ! Case in Pieces: Case put together: Side Panels: More updates coming soon!
  8. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Thanks for the feed back man, really appreciate any and all feed back i get
  9. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Cheers man, I love how bright it is. Adventure time is awesome isnt it
  10. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Update 2: Case painting has been delayed due to the painters underestimating the amount of time it would take to complete. Should have it by Friday, however im currently on shift so progress will be slow. Really just waiting on the case to be finished so i can reassemble it and install the componants. Then comes the fun part, planning the loop and bending then tubing! Sorry for the lack of updates, just not alot of progress to be made until the case is back.
  11. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Hey man, just used white fast drying enamel spray paint. Nothing to flash haha Cheers guys =P, means alot. Ill try to keep this updated regularly!
  12. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Update 1: All parts arrived and working, there was an issue with shipping and my package was sent to my parents however everything else is fine. Parts: Dismantled the case and have sent to away to be painted, pics will be here soon. Also started painting the radiators today to much the build theme! Started putting on the gpu and cpu blocks today, which was fun and a good learning experience haha, here hoping i haven't stuffed it up =). Radiator painting: Gpu's: Radiator with fans: Motherboard with RAM and CPU Block: So, i am after your guys opinion before i move to the next step. I am wondering, should i paint the fans to match the build? I was thinking maybe blue? And if anyone knows how to go about that i would really appreciate some help haha. Thanks for looking
  13. Cougs

    For the Freljord!

    Haha its good to see theres a few of use around! My girlfreind already called dibs there tho man, so sadly i cant this time :mellow: Cheers for the support, pictures and more progress should be up tomorrow
  14. Table of Content Introduction Hey all, My names Jason and Welcome to my build log! This is my first build log on LTT ( well for build log period really) so i hope you all enjoy! I have decided to do this build because recently i have been running into issues with my current pc, and instead of figuring out what the problem is i decided it was time for an upgrade! This time, i decided to go big. I mean im 20 with to much money and not enough to spend it on so why not. "Freljord" is a white and blue themed build, featuring my custom painted Corsair 900D and is all paid for from my own pocket. This build however will not be completely finished for a few months as i plan on expanding and upgrading parts in the future. For now, This will do and i think my wallet agrees. This is my first Hard Line build so i am taking this as a learning experiance and am looking forward to the challanges that will arise. Anyway, please enjoy my build log and feel free to leave comments/suggestions ! Hardware: (All Parts have been recieved) Processor: Intel Haswell Extreme Series Core i7 5960X Motherboard: Asus X99-DELUXE/U3.1 Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 X2 Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce 980Ti SC + ACx2.0+ X2 Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D Storage: Samsung 850 Pro 500GB | Western Digital 5TB Green Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2 Cooling: (All Parts have been recieved) Fans: Corsair SP120 Queit Edition X14 Radiators: 480mm EKWB EK-Coolstream 480mm X2 | 360mm EKWB EK-Coolstream 360mm X1 | 240mm EKWB EK-Coolstream 240mm X1 CPU Block: EKWB EK-Supremacy GPU Block: EKWB EK-FC Titan X Backplates: EKWB EK-FC Titan X Backplate Reservior: EKWB EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 140 Tubing: EKWB EK-HD Tube 12/16mm 500mm Fittings: EKWB EK-HD Adapter 12/16mm Dye: Mayhems Concentrate Pastel - Blue Berry Total Price : $9658.52 (NZD) Planned Upgrades: - Replace res/pump combo with 2 400mm reserviors and 2 new pumps - Mod front bessle to incorparate another 480mm radiator - 120mm Rad for back Pictures coming soon!!