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    ASUS Z97-E/3.1
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    16GB HyperX
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    EVGA GTX 1060 3GB
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    Corsair Vengeance C70 Green
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    Sandisk x400 250GB m.2, 512GB ssd, 1TB WD HDD
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    EVGA 750W
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    Insignia 1080P HDTV
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    CoolMaster Storm
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    Win 10 Pro
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  1. sdeligar

    Ethernet cable advice

    There's only two computers in the house and one is on the same desk as the router so something like that would be a waste. Just need to replace the one ruined wire so I don't have to keep using slow wifi. The main thing is I just need advice on what brand of cabling to trust.
  2. sdeligar

    Ethernet cable advice

    Haven't quite decided. The original line was run in the crawl space under the house but I'm debating running it around the outside tucked under some metal roofing to keep it out of the sun and weather.
  3. sdeligar

    Ethernet cable advice

    So I'm trying to replace an ethernet cable that stopped working and I'm looking at new cables online since nobody local sell them (yay small towns) but I would appreciate some recommendations and advice. I'm trying to find at least a 100 ft or 150 ft cable. I'm also looking to future proof my setup but having trouble deciding which to buy. The main thing is what ethernet cable brands have people hear found to be trustworthy and reliable? My main reason for asking this is because every CAT 7 cable I've looked at has reviews claim they don't actually meet CAT 7 requirements and don't want to buy a bad one. As I said any information you can give will be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. sdeligar

    Ethernet to Coax networking

    Yea that's about what I've found as well. I was really hoping somebody had found another option I had missed. Though I was outside backtracking the cable run around the house and discovered that the line to my room had been cut and no longer has an end on it so apparently it wouldn't matter anyways since I've had to fix that as well. Guess this was doomed from the beginning. Thanks anyways for your help!
  5. sdeligar

    Ethernet to Coax networking

    So I recently had the old networking cable connecting the computer in my room to the router in the living room stop working. I had been getting ready to replace it but wasn't to happy about it because that would require getting in the small space under the house to run the new cat7 I was going to buy. I then remember that I currently have coaxial cable that is already in both my room and the living room being unused because our tv now comes through a roku. I already tried doing a bit of research but so far the only devices I've found that definitely allow that kind of use are all over $50 and I really don't have much money to spent on this. So I'm wondering if anybody has done something like this in their own home and if so how well did it work for you? The second question is if anybody can recommend two adapters that are cheaper than what I've found but also won't kill my net speeds. Thank you for any help you can provide!