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  1. then feel free to bipaty bopaty gtfo my thread
  2. yes because im dyslexic and find it easier to type the way i do makes my point less valid ,,, also its hard not to type text speak when you reply on a phone ps: i know this is the internet where everyone has 2 doctorates 3 masters and a degree in advanced English where grammar is more important to winning and argument than the point someone actually makes
  3. tbh i dont care u n don12 just like taking the piss out of me
  4. first comment litterly says this triggered me
  5. and also brought some hate for me because don12 likes to quote things out of context
  6. see ur post did trigger alot of people
  7. iv not made up any shit, i don't no what your problem is you c u next Tuesday, u obviously only ever comment on any of my posts to try and put me down and make Ur self look superior without adding any value to the thread at all like the time you couldn't read properly and thought i was on about a different CPU and everyone ended up taking the piss out of you, i highly suggest you block me and my thread and leave me alone because you do nothing but troll on my threads and bring no insight fullness or contributions with you. and once again you have quoted me out of context, it was in response to someone saying essentially the same thing but for ryzen
  8. haha ok u make a post now sayin i7 7700k is wank, discuss ... and see what replies u get =p
  9. well i currently feel that intel and nvdia are truly showing there gimpyness right now
  10. same as if i said intel was bad =p
  11. well that flexs both ways depending on the fan boy
  12. exaterly the 7700k only wins in gaming on a fresh install of windows
  13. well i sure have a lot of respect for amd and what there doing
  14. the amd hate is still a thing, people still recomending a 7700k over a 1700 for gaming for the extras 4 fps even tho its on a dead platform
  15. So Iv been doing some YouTube today as you do, and I will honestly say Iv always rooted for amd to do well even when I have my 4790k amd bringing out something new would shake things up and turns out and have delivered. so intell locking off cache and pcie lanes on there x299 platform on the lower priced chips so you have to pay more for something that is esentialy already on the chip and just locked where as amd have all the cache and lanes available on all of there threadripper cpus wtf intell wtf nvdias latest drivers ( bare in mind i run nvdia) unlocking the true performance of compute on the Titan cards up to x3 times better in some applications in response to amds frontier edition the only reason for this was to make there quadro cards look good i know intel and nvdia and both there to make money but ffs if it's already on the products don't sand bag it to sell the more expensive shit. my 1700 is the first component in a long time where I don't feel like Iv been skimpt on at all I know there's a lot of hate for amd on here and I know there probly do some other shady stuff w/e i feel like there a really open and honest company providing the best they can at better prices right now and intel and nvdia are just beyond greedy let me know what u all think
  16. I don't no what to get next tho as my system is still smashing everything
  17. It is a waste isn't it this is my predicament
  18. I don't stream and if I did it would be 1080p anyways
  19. so i sold some pc stuff to a friend yesterday and have some moneys burmning a hole in my pocket, i currently have 1 1440p 144hz monitor for gaming and 2 1080p side monitors, i was considering getting a 4k monitor for none competitive fps games and mmo's what do you guys think ? like i dont need one but i kinda want one thoughts and opinions oc uk have a 4k monitor ips one fopr 270 that looks pretty sweet and its freesync i no im a nvida user and cant use that but it looks pretty good
  20. 1.45 is fine on a custom loop amd said 1.45 is fine
  21. That's crazzy my bird dose not do that only problem I have is off a cold boot sometimes it boots without oc