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  1. My Toshiba Satellite L350 has an Athlon X2 and the temp is peaking at 80C. This laptop hasn't been turned on in 5 years because it was believed that the CPU was fried after reaching 101C, sooo temperature is a massive concern right now. The motherboarding is hovering around 65 and the HDD peaked at 41. Is all of this safe? Is there any DIY way to cool it if necessary? Also, the HDD currently doesn't have a cover, lol
  2. Thanks for the link techarmyhd, unfortunately I don't think I can justify shipping that costs more than double the price of the product itself. Thanks anyway, I really didn't expect it to be available anywhere. Everyone else, to be more clear, I'm just concerned about the safety of the drive. Is there any risk of killing it via static discharge if I make a cover? What material is safest and is it okay to have it touching the drive? How should I ground myself? Thanks again
  3. It's a Toshiba Satellite L350. I don't think the drive is in any danger of falling out (unless I was really aggressive), I'm just concerned about static. Could I uhh cut some of the bag and then tape it across the hole? Wow that sounds dumb
  4. I lost my laptop's HDD cover a few years ago, and the laptop hasn't actually worked for 5 years, so it wasn't a concern until now. I've installed Windows and everything appears to be fine. The HDD itself was sitting dormant in an antistatic bag, and the only issue is that it now has 232GB instead of 244. I currently just have the bag sitting directly under it, but a more permanent solution would be nice. Also is it safe to be using the computer and touching the bag? Thanks. Edit: Also what's a safe operating temperature range for a laptop HDD? It's currently at 39C
  5. Temperatures are climbing a bit, currently at 76, but it's... manageable. Also the HDD is exposed except for the antistatic bag sitting under it. I lost the cover years ago. I activated windows using my desktop's product key. I don't even have room on my desk for this 17.3" monster, but the best way I can describe the current situation is "manageable". Let's hope it stays that way indefinitely. Edit: Unplugged it and the battery is certainly bad, but not an instant failure. Losing about a percent per minute, maybe less.
  6. If your old PC had a W8 license key you can try that.
  7. Wow. I'm amazed. I'm typing this in Chrome on the laptop. Everything's working fine. Speccy shows normal temps, peaking at 71 and getting as low as 59 while generally idle. The keyboard feels FANTASTIC and the volume wheel works fine (which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to restore this fossil). Speakers work great, probably better than the HP I got when this one died (which also recently died, lol). Media buttons work fine while in VLC, but only the mute button works once you're out of focus. Same thing happens with my G510s keyboard so I'm not too concerned. I'll try iTunes next because my keyboard's media buttons work great with it
  8. Athlon X2, 3gigs DDR2, some radeon integrated graphics I assume, 250gig HDD (which is supposed to be broken). I've made it to the desktop but I can't download anything because IE is giving me certificate errors EVERYWHERE. Also it's running extremely hot. If I ever manage to download anything, I'll check the temps. Might have to go with my original plan (Ubuntu live USB) if that would lower the temps at all Edit: Woot, Chrome's downloading (certificate error was an easy fix, just had to time travel back to 2015 from 2009, which is a sad compromise tbh). I still have NO IDEA WHY THIS IS WORKING
  9. (First: I had no idea where to put this so pls move if wrong forum) Anyway! So my laptop completely crapped out on me 5 years ago. Yet... I just plugged in a windows usb and it's somehow... installing to an HDD that showed no volumes when connected to my desktop via an external bay? What. The CPU was fried after I kinda sorta maybe thought distributed computing would be a good idea on an Athlon X2 with 3gigs of DDR2. So I put it away and forgot about it for 5 years. Now here I am, waiting for a W7 installation to finish. I had it plugged in for a couple hours before attempting this and the battery light indicated it was fully charged (although with a severely depleted capacity, I presume). Now I wait...
  10. Well the value of grades will vary significantly depending on where OP plans to go to college. Us Canadians are lucky that only certain grade 12 courses are considered, at least in BC.
  11. lol it look like 30sec for the upload to even connect
  12. So I've never actually used a G15 gen1 (yet), but I was wondering what are the main differences between that and the G510s? They both appear very similar, and I assume use the same dome switches. The only difference is the way the screen is implemented. The reason I ask is because I know there's a ton of hype about the original G15, and I already own a G510s, so I want to know if it's worth it to look into a G15. Thanks!
  13. Link's broken. Also do you have some noise-cancelling headphones or a quiet place to study?
  14. I would like to point out that Linus saw this thread and didn't move it to OT, but someone else did ;( (without even reading it apparently) Anyway I was kind of expecting more content... so I might post some later. Nice pic dude, the sun looks epic. (And ofc everyone loves crotch closeups)