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  1. 3 Floors (6 half floor) and rooftop with stairs in the middle (zizac every half floor). Every half a floor is about 2000 sq feet with concrete walls. Cat5e are run thru middle each half floor's ceiling. So looking for a PoE AP solution. Previously tried Netgear Orbi on a different and slightly smaller but still large two floors home (also concrete walls), the performance is not as stable as expected. Looking at Ubiquiti UniFi at the moment, seems to fit the bill, but I don't have any experience with it. Is it a good brand? Are there any other good brands I should consider?
  2. I'm in the market looking for a wireless headset for PC. I mostly use it for gaming and sometimes watch movie or listen to music during the night time when my family is asleep. I have been searching for a bit and seems like a Arctis Pro Wireless is very close to what I want and the reviews in general are great too. I almost pulled the trigger but then I did some more digging for more users comment on forums and reddit. It seems it might have some design / quality issue, the headset tends to break at the weakpoints, that do concerns me especially at this premium price, so I am still sleeping on it. One of my friend suggest you can try using an audiophile headset and modmic, so I am also open to this option, but my knowledge is very limited. In short, wireless, for PC gaming (mosty but not only), closed back, budget similar to to Arctis Pro Wireless, any suggestion? Thanks.
  3. Is all because Fortnite is printing money and he just sees it as a opportunity to make some out of it.
  4. I had the same problem before too, at the end it is the AIO at fault after running smoothly for around 4 years. Check the temp of your CPU and the temp of your AIO. If your temp CPU temp is high but AIO is low, is either not mounted it properly or the AIO is at fault. At the end I just swap back to stock cooling and temps went back normal (for stock cooling). Lucky for me the AIO was within warranty and the distributor replaced a new one.
  5. Hmm...maybe you can mount your secondary monitor on the wall. That could work too.
  6. You should get a dual monitor mount for that. But then you have to think where you going to mount the mount.
  7. Oh...now I get it, I don't think you can fit both side by side, you can barely do it now. I think the only solution is stacking. But even that, you have tiny room for your keyboard and mouse pad if your PC is on your desk. The printer rack is not movable I assume?
  8. Most ideal for me is side by side, but of course only if you have the room for it. From left to right, 2nd monitor, main monitor, desktop.
  9. They even have knock off version of ransomware, LOL!
  10. Have you play that game in single player mode and see if it crashes? Have you try playing any other games? Will it crash? What about other application? There are so many possibilities, troubleshoot by elimination.
  11. Mostly because facing side panel can give more clearing room to fit more cases. And yes, it is ugly as hell..so I brought some custom made cable just for that reason.
  12. Push or pull, it doesn't really matter in terms of temps. Personally I would try to achieve positive pressure...the case will be cleaner (slightly)
  13. The question is do you really need a cold storage?