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    PC, PC gaming, PC building, and almost everything PC


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    I5 6600k
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    gigabyte ga-z170x gaming 3
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    8 GB (2x4) kingston hyper x ddr4
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    Asus rog strix gtx 1070 (non oc)
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    corsair spec-02 blue fan
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    EVGA 500B
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    LG 25um58-p ultrawide monitor overclocked to 75hz
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    coolermaster hyper 212 evo
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    corsair mx 650 pro rgb
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Ive already tried to reseat the cpu, twice, the first time being when I got a new case (corsair spec-02) and the second time being when I found a small hole behing the mobo to rout the cpu power cable.
  2. over the summer cpu mobo and ram in may gpu last month
  3. and no I have no overclocks, it rarely happens now but I think before it happened because my psu wasnt getting cooled properly as it was on thick carpet. but it still happens just not as frequently
  4. nvm my boot hdd is sata 2 but I never have any problem, loading games or other software, like 10-15 seconds to boot to windows and log in
  5. its when playing games mostly, it only ever freezed outside of a game once or twice and only when playing a somewhat taxing game, I checked temps and nothing was outside of the norm, like 30-40 degrees cpu 60-70 gpu
  6. yeah I have, its not windows as I had the same os on a different computer on the same drive without reinstalling it, and I ran a virus scan with no results
  7. i ran a memory test, didnt have a flashdrive so I ran the windows 10 mem test, i have an i5 6600k and a gigabyte ga z170x gaming 3 mobo an evga 500b and an asus rog strix gtx 1070
  8. yeah my windows is on a hdd but its a sata 3 although it doesnt run sata 3 speeds
  9. Hello fellow readers/writer of the LTT forum, I am here to ask a question about my PC. You see I have been having frequent crashes occurring with my PC. First off I know that it is not the ram as I have already run a test on that. But my computer will just seize up and freeze, becoming unresponsive until I flip the on/off switch on the power supply or unplug it, I tried switching which dimm sockets the ram was installed into but that only made them occur less frequently. I'm also ruling out my gtx 1070 as these have been occurring since before I installed that. what would be the most likely candidate after those two parts?
  10. ok I tried loading it again and it worked, flash player maybe crashed
  11. Your welcome I wasnt aware that this wasnt your first rodeo, glad I could help.
  12. might I add that If you get the 480 or 1060 you can overclock your monitor a bit, maybe to ~75 hz, although this varies by brand, and product, If you want to theres guids on how to do it.
  13. probably either a 1060 or an rx 480 if you want max settings, their are some of the best bang for yur buck cards out there, I personally have a 1070 after saving up for it all summer mowing lawns. But if yur not trying to hit max settings everything, then yeah the rx 470, or maybe the 1050 if thats out by the time you buy, althouhg some settings will need to be turned down to achieve constant 60