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    Illinois, U.S.A.
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    E5-2670 v1
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    Intel DX79SI
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    (2x8GB) GSkill Sniper Cl9 2133
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    Gtx 970, 8500GT
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    Corsair Spec 02
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    120Gb HyperX SSD, 2Tb Hitachi HDD
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    Corsair RM750
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Tech related how??? All it is a model of Santa imposed onto Google Earth.
  2. You need a wifi card to use wifi, that motherboard doesn't have onboard wifi support.
  3. Not on lga 1151, plus that board probabbly has ecc support, and other "server" features like vt-x, and an onboard serial port, still somewhat useful in some scenarios, and consumer boards won't have it anymore.
  4. PSUs degrade over time just like anything, cars will get worse gas mileage as they age if you don't take care of them properly. 80+ has nothing to do with quality at all, all it means is that it is this efficient. There are some pretty crap 80+ gold psus old there, even that means nothing toward quality. Example. https://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16817170033
  5. With an apu probabbly ddr4 3000 will probabbly give you the best performance, igpus like faster ram.
  6. The 9590 is comparable to an i5 6600k at best. But you also need at least a 240mm aio to cool it,and a really good 990fx board at least which all adds up. Go for an i5 6500 for gaming if you don't want to spend much, overclocking doesn't provide much gains at all for gaming, focus on a better gpu.
  7. Those temps aren't bad at all. Go for a 240mm rad, lower temps, and more overclocking headroom, any aircooler is more comparable to a 120/140mm rad.
  8. If you are directing this question to Linus himself, he doesn't respond on the forums much, and you will have to use @LinusTech to summon him. The orange ratcheting screwdriver if that is your question made by Snap-On. Personally I use the one from an ifixit kit.
  9. For that price you can get an i3 or an 8350 with a wraith cooler and motherboard at microcenter, pretty terrible deal.
  10. 500Gb is not going to hold too many games at all you might want to step up to a 1Tb. Depending on what "work" you do and with "no budget", you can get external gpus for some laptops like some razor models, and some alienware ones so you can have a gtx 1080 in the enclosure at home, and just detach the laptop and go. Even though mitx is small it is still a bit of a pain to move around.
  11. What is your budget for the cpu/motherboard?
  12. 4960x lga 2011 boards are expensize though, I would suggest going for a lga 1150 board, and something like a i5 4460, or 4690, if you are going for the "k" veraio s, or an i7 ddr4 is cheap worth it just to go to skylake.
  13. Spend like $20 more on the pro edition and you can stop them from updating at all. Windows 8.1 to7 is an upgrade,windows 10 is a lot better then 8.1 worth a try before going to 7. You may still be even to upgrade to 10 for free still with the loophole they had.
  14. Errors that require a complete reinstall are quite rare, you get more errors and BSODs from bad drivers, or hardware problems.