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  1. Thank you everyone for all the responses. You guys inspired me to keep EE as a career. I think EE is important because like many of you guys said it's the building blocks of many. I'll continue to research more specific paths of EE and try to figure things out.
  2. I am a sophomore student at a university in Michigan and I just started the introductory classes for electrical engineering. I keep hearing from latest job websites and various articles saying that EE is not the future and it is slowly not needed. Is this true? Nobody wants to work so hard for a degree just to be told sorry we don't need you at the very end. I personally love EE and I think it's an exciting field. I feel like having the background of EE will open more doors later down the road. I would like to direct this topic to people in the field on the forum - is EE really going in that direction? Would you be more willing to switch to a higher demanded career like computer science or software? Thanks in advance for the discussion.
  3. I looked into the some of those popular ones. I feel like the Bose might sound very good but it seems too bulky in pictures and it might not stay in my ear very well. Jabra Elite Sport also peaked my interested. I haven't heard of the Erato, Yevo, or the Bragi. I will do some more research and try to compare them all. Thanks for the feedback. Android. (S9+ to be exact)
  4. I was looking on getting some truly wireless headphones for Christmas and I am stumped between IconXs or AirPods. I want to go completely wireless for the convenience factor. Just want to pop in one earbud on the bus ride from school and listen to a podcast. The normal EarPods fit my ears fine but sometimes feel like they are coming out when doing more than just walking. I never tried IconXs but maybe they fit better because of the availability of different ear tips. I do really like how the Iconx has Ambient Mode so you can listen in onto your environment. Anyways I just wanted to know the communities opinions about this. Thank you all! If you guys have other options, please certainly offer them up.
  5. I recently purchased a Razer Blade Stealth V2 4K of the Razer Store for $999. It was a refurbished unit but it is in immaculate condition and almost like new. Now I know this version only had the dual-core i7 7500U but is it normal to see it struggle on a single Chrome tab or have weird Windows artifacts when switching windows. It just always seems like it is lagging, kinda like the lag you get when using a computer through Team Viewer. I have changed the resolution to 1080p and it did fix it slightly. Do the specifications of this laptop simply not run 4k well? Is there anything I could do to help this situation? Anyone else had these problems?
  6. I was recently looking into purchasing either a Fitbit Charge 2 or LG Watch Sport or Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Now I know you can do so so much more on a smartwatch than a Fitbit, but I am worried about the experience using it as a fitness tracker. Fitbit does very well with tracking your steps, heart rate, and movement constantly. I wonder if there is a good smartwatch alternative app that does the same. I know Samsung Health is very good and they are introducing many features. Like they recently introduced active heart rate monitoring last month. What would you guys recommend? Does the smartwatch ecosystem offer good fitness options? I know many people stand truly by Fitbits features and app but I feel like Samsung Health can kick its butt.
  7. I also tried booting up with all of the RAM removed to see if it would give me a NO RAM code but it still shows code 60-DXE core started. Would this indicate a bad CPU?
  8. Already tried that. My motherboard has a dual BIOS option and I switched it to the secondary BIOS and tired booting and the same.
  9. Went to boot up my X99 system with a 5820K on an Gigabyte SOC Champion motherboard and found out that it isn't posting. Fan spin for about a second, it shows debug code 60, and the turns off. Looked up debug code and it is DXE Core is started. That doesn't really indicate a specific problem so I decided to start troubleshooting. Swapped out RAM, reseated the CPU and GPU and still the same situation. Would anybody have any insight on this?
  10. Yeah. I actually just updated my profile picture.
  11. Yeah I just had that air cooler for a few days. I didn't feel like flipping it around.
  12. Yes, although I do not have the air cooler anymore. I replaced it with a Corsair H50 water cooler (got it pretty much brand new for $20).
  13. Just wondering who actually uses Bixby on their Samsung devices. I'm thinking of just completely disabling it.
  14. So I am working on a project in Android Studio (Java) making an app with a simple slider bar that would play different sound files at various variables of the slider bar. For example if the slider bar = 0 , then it would play audio 0; if the slider bar = 1, then it would play audio 1. I was tinkering around and I don't know of an efficient way of implementing this. I made a slider bar with an "on change" method. Inside the "on change" method I made a big loop, which had a BUNCH of if statements. Those if statement would read the slider bar value and run the statement if they matched. Each if statement had separate code to run the appropriate audio file. Some programmers are probably face palming so hard when reading this but I am a noob with programming. There has to be an easier and more efficient way. I am gladly open to all opinions and comments.
  15. Don't get anything too powerful with a good graphics card or you will end up playing games and not studying. This is of course if your self control isn't in check.