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  1. I'm looking to build a gaming setup with a ryzen 5 3600 and a rx 5700 xt (red devil once it comes out), but when it comes to the motherboard I keep struggling to know what's better, I'm not looking to overclock or anything just what something that will last so basically the best I can get on a budget sort of (looking to build a 1k$ rig), I live in a very warm place so room temp is usually 28 - 30 C, also don't know if the pcie4 makes a substantial difference for the rx 5700 xt. Help please.
  2. I'm not completely sure we have the same problem but I had upgraded my win 7 to 10 couple of days ago, everything was working fine until today 2 hours ago I woke up amd turned on my pc and now it doesn't recognize my SSD