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  1. Raizz

    Does imgur reduce image quality?

    Does imgur still do it? Looks like they have removed that page from the site
  2. Don't know about you, but in my experience (and others) it did a very good job I would have considered myself lucky if I were the only one but no there are many more. I literally know atleast 8 people who are using this power supply ( and VS450), usage ranging from 1-3years, and have faced absolutely no problem with it. Trust me I know. A cheap PSU has died on me before, taking along the motherboard with, so I know how important it is. But really, CX 430 is an exception within this cheap PSU category. It is highly reliable
  3. BUMPing up this thread I have exactly the same query as the OP + I need them for gaming, so which one is better between the 2 ? Game that I'll be playing - GTA V, Witcher 3, CSGO, Fallout 4, some racing games etc
  4. Yes theoretically, but practically it is sufficient and gets the job done
  5. I disagree. I am using a CX430 right now and it has been great. I ran an i3 3220 with GTX 460 Hawk edition for more than 3 years without any problems and my PC runs 18X7 so you can see how reliable it is Also I live in Delhi and in summers it gets very hot, so there is that
  6. @Mandeep What is your budget for the whole upgrade ? I am from India too so you can mention it in INR
  7. Raizz

    New PC Build

    @OP - What is the monitor you are using ?
  8. Raizz

    What is your favorite soundtrack?

    Fallout 3/NV for sure. Does background music count ? Remember me has some awesome background music
  9. Raizz

    Need a gaming headset

    You mean headphone right ? Try Sennheiser HD 419/429
  10. Ignoring the mic for the moment, which one of those headphones is best for gaming ? Will be mainly playing these games - CSGO, GTA V and Fallout 4 Also I don't have a soundcard, so on-board audio will be used. My motherboard - Biostar H61MU3
  11. Thanks for the reply ? What about 419/429/439 ? I am assuming these are inferior to 449 ?